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Phone Fix Guide | Resolving Redmi Note WiFi & Network issues

ByGB Blog Official 2017-02-01 101829

What to do if WiFi or network of your Redmi Note doesn't work? Here is the answer.

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Your Redmi Note is unable to use mobile data

Firstly, you need to confirm whether you have sufficient phone credit, and check the current network signal strength. Afterwards, follow the steps below:


1. Ensure the mobile network status icon on the upper right (G / E / 3G / H / H + / 4G) is not displaying any issues.


2. Restart the phone, and manually scan through and select your network (mobile) operator.


3. Try to reset the APN access point: System Settings - Mobile Network - Access Point Name (APN) - Reset to the default settings and select "net" access point.


4. Check whether the network permission for a specific app has been disabled by the OS.


5. Determine if you have exceeded your monthly data cap/quota; most operators should allow you to purchase extra data blocks.


6. If you have installed network security apps, review the settings to see if traffic has been blocked.


7. Long-term use without any maintenance can produce a lot of junk files which can hinder optimum system operation; you can try to side-load a cleaner app and clean the system.


8. As an emergency step, you can restore the phone to its factory settings after backing up your important files. Following this, check to see if mobile data works.


9. If the above solutions still do not help you to resolve the problem, take your phone to a nearby authorized service outlet for testing.


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The Redmi Note always shows "Disconnected" when connecting to WiFi

If it shows "disconnected" all the time or WiFi is connected but the Internet can't be accessed, try the following methods:


1. Delete the saved SSID: select system settings -- WiFi, click the arrow icon after the WiFi name, select "Remove Network", add the SSID again. I suggest you use Google input method to enter password.


2. We recommend that you use the static IP mode to connect to WiFi: go to System Settings - WLAN - Locate the currently connected network. Click the arrow to set the network, click IP Settings, select Manual Static IP Address and Gateway.


3. Upgrade the firmware to the latest version.


4. Try to restart the router.


5. Try to connect to other WiFi hotspots, such as portable hotspots created on other phones.


6. If other WiFi hotspots are not available, it's recommended that you go to a nearby authorized service outlet to test your device.


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