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Practical tips for maintaining robot vacuum cleaners

ByNiki Jones 2018-11-08 4464

As the penetration rate of smart home industry rises gradually, people’s household cleaning concept is gradually changed.Young consumers want to get rid of the tedious housework and enjoy the high-tech life, so the products of robot vacuum cleaner have attracted much attention.Here are some practical tips and common mistakes we should know about during the using of robot vacuum cleaners.

a robot vacuum cleaner? 

The things should be paid attention to when using a robot vacuum cleaner

As a smart household device, the robot vacuum cleaner may reduce its service life or cause other losses if it is not used properly. Here we summarize the following aspects:

1. The robot vacuum cleaner is an indoor product, which is generally not recommended to be used outside, because the surface of the robot vacuum cleaner will be damaged to different degrees after exposure to the sun and rain. This will greatly reduce the service life of the robot vacuum cleaner.

2. Generally, the robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with batteries. As one of the important components of robot vacuum cleaner, the battery must be charged by the matching charging piles.Do not use other devices to charge, so as to avoid short battery life.

the charging item of robot vacuum cleaner 

3. The using temperature of the robot vacuum cleaner is between -10 ° C and 50 ° C, mainly because the electronic components do not work beyond this range. So this also needs more attention.

4. It is necessary to clean the robot vacuum cleaner in a certain period to prevent the dust from interfering with the sensor of the robot vacuum cleaner, causing problems such as inability to recharge. Be sure to cut off the power before cleaning the robot to avoid unnecessary damage.

5. If it is not a robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps and pulls one, please do not touch the water to avoid short circuit of the motor.

6. Do not inhale flammable items such as matches and cigarette butts into the robot vacuum cleaner to prevent malfunction.

7. The service time should not be too long. If the robot vacuum cleaner has started heating, it is recommended not to continue to use it.

8. Before using the robot vacuum cleaner, please check whether the dust collector box and other accessories have been installed, so as not to cause the service failure.

9.Non-professional personnel, please do not open the robot vacuum cleaner casually, to prevent yourself from loading back, resulting in financial losses.

do not open the robot vacuum cleaner casually 

Common mistakes when using a robot vacuum cleaner

Here are some common mistakes we should know about during the using of robot vacuum cleaners.

1. Why does the robot vacuum cleaner run randomly when it is used for the first time

At present, the robot vacuum cleaners are basically planned. However, when we first clean the floor, we will find that many robot vacuum cleaners will still run randomly. What's the reason? This is because the robot vacuum cleaner is a blank when it first comes to our home. It needs 1-2 times to learn about the home environment, so that it will not have such problems in the future cleaning.

2. The robot vacuum cleaner starts to recharge when it is underused for the first time

Generally, we start charging the robot when we get it. After the charging is completed, we let it clean. It doesn't seem to be a problem. But we must pay attention to the robot vacuum cleaner in the first three charging and discharging should be sufficient. What is sufficient? It’s just charging the battery when it's used up and when the  electricity is fully charged and reused it. This is done to make our robot vacuum cleaner battery last longer.

3. Clean the cleaning robot only to clean the dust box

We all know that when the robot's dust box is full, we need to take out the trash and clean it up. However, we can't just clean the dust box, the surface of the robot vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned, because if any dust covers the human sensor of the sweeping machine, it will easily cause a failure. The robot vacuum cleaner cannot perceive the external environment, so it will be damaged in intelligence naturally.

cleaning the surface of the robot vacuum cleaner and the dust box 


I have to say that the current robot vacuum cleaner has greatly improved the intelligence level than five years ago, and it has brought great convenience to our lives. At the same time, we must also take care of our own smart products. Pay more attention to the using process, our robot vacuum cleaner can be used for a little longer.


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