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Questions and answers related to the mobile phone client of Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ByNiki Jones 2019-03-01 2897

Xiaomi Mi smart robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect budget robot vacuum thanks to a nice set of features and a reasonable price. The device can save you lots of time, makes your life a lot easier .But you may don’t know some operations about mobile phone client, then this post gives you some questions and answers related to mobile phone client of Xiaomi Mi smart robot vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner


(1) Please confirm that the WiFi password entered is correct;

(2)Please confirm that the vacuum cleaner is within good signal coverage of the router;

(3)Please confirm that Xiaomi smart home is to upgrade to the latest version;

(4)Please confirm that the router can access the Internet properly;

(5)Please confirm that the router does not start whitelist setting filtering;

(6)Please confirm whether the DHCP function of the router is enabled correctly;

(7)Please confirm that the router has enough IP for distribution.

(1) please confirm that the vacuum cleaner is within good signal coverage of the router, especially when the robot is out of WiFi coverage during work;

(2) please confirm that the broadband access network is normal.

(1) Press the cleaning button and recharge button for a long time until the voice prompts "reset WiFi";

(2)Close the mobile phone to the robot within 1 meter, then open the smart home;

(3)Wait for the prompt to detect the vacuum cleaner before starting the network connection;

(4) Confirm that the location permission of the smart home app is not closed.

The vacuum cleaner can support regular cleaning up to ten times a day.

After starting the DND ,If the host is charged back automatically due to insufficient power before, the power is sufficient and will not be automatically scanned. At the same time, all passive voice (such as error) will not be prompted by voice.

Meanwhile, the brightness of the host ring light will be reduced.Start cleaning or there is an active operation, like taking out the dust box, which will exit the DND mode. When there is no operation for a period of time, the host will enter the DND mode again, this mode will be opened by default. The default startup time is 22:00-08:00, you can use the mobile phone client to close the model or modify the time period.

After clicking "locating the robot position" on the mobile phone client, the host will voice prompt the current position. In some cases, the host will report an error in the place where it cannot find the robot vacuum cleaner, and this function can be used to quickly locate the host position.
Partial cleaning records will not be recorded in the cleaning records.
Please enter the mobile phone client and turn off the "message reminder switch" , so that you won't receive push notifications about the robot vacuum cleaner
When the robot vacuum cleaner runs to the area with poor WiFi signal, the instruction may fail or delay greatly. It can be effectively improved by replacing the router with a better signal or using the signal amplifier.
Please update the "Mijia" APP to the latest version. The old version of the client may not be able to display the firmware update prompt properly.
Yes, but please make sure that all routers use the same SSID (wireless signal name of router) and login password. Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner does not support roaming between routers with different SSID and password.

Wrap up


For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner  from us and still have problem after using the firmware, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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