Replace any action camera lens in just 6 steps

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The unstoppable rise of action cameras has seen a corresponding increase in the use of the fisheye lens for shooting wide angle images and video. However, the risk of lens damage is amplified due to the "protruded" physical design of fisheye lenses.

If you accidentally damage your action camera lens, does it mean that your camera is useless? Of course not! We have 6 easy steps to breathe new life into your lens.

Step 1: Prepare the things you need

1. Same specification lens: ideally factory direct or buy same model from GearBest.

2. Knife, pliers, cloth (optional), universal glue, and ruler (vernier caliper is recommended).

Step 2: Remove the back ring cover

Carefully remove the back ring cover using the knife (use any visible notches).

remove the back ring cover of action camera

With the back cover removed, the lens will be visible. Separate the rubber ring from the shell.

Separate the rubber ring from the shell

Step 3: Measure the height of the lens

Measure and record the precise height of the lens with the caliper. This is vital to ensure the focus sharpness after replacing the lens.

Measure and record the precise height of the lens

Step 4: Remove the lens

Turning the lens with a counterclockwise motion, gently remove it with pliers.

remove lens with pliers

Step 5: Replace the lens

Replace the lens with your new one, carefully align the jaw screw, then twist tightly clockwise to ensure the lens is secure.

This step is critical: measure the lens to ensure the height is exactly the same as the original lens (from step 2) - tighten the lens further if required.

Note: the plastic edge of the lens is easily scratched, a cloth can be used to protect it.

Replace action camera's lens

Step 6: Turn on the camera to check

Turn on the action cam, and start to shoot sample photos/video. Carefully review the quality, and make any necessary adjustments. Once you're satisfied with the quality, re-install the rubber ring and protective back cover and affix them using glue.

make adjustments after replacing lens

Wrap up

All done, it's really easy! You just need to be focus (no pun intended) and be precise. You'll be enjoying your brand new camera lens in no time.


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