Safe driving tips for using GPS navigation

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In-car GPS is a potential distraction, and "distracted driving" as the safety experts call it, is a common cause of accidents. Whether you use an APP on your mobile phone or navigation system, there are some safety tips that will help you drive safely.

Install and bring your device up to eye level so you can see it without looking away from the road. Make sure to properly install any mount for your GPS or smartphone so you don't have to worry about it falling down while you are driving.

Know how to operate your GPS device and take advantage of it safety features such as voice control. Before embarking on any long trip, spend some time getting to know your GPS unit.

Make sure that you have added the destination address correctly and know the general route. If you plan to take your GPS unit on a trip, and use it in your rental car, be sure to program your destination in the unit before your leave.

Don't be distracted and punch or dictate the address to GPS device while driving. Use an application which has voice directions. The best GPS systems provide very good feedback to the driver giving the driver plenty of time to prepare for changes in lames and streets. Voice directions can prevent unnecessarily distraction by taking your eyes off of the road and looking at your GPS device.If you don't have voice direction,have your passenger look at your GPS device and give you instructions -so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Always obey traffic signs and anticipate there may be changes not reflected on your GPS information. It all boils down to paying attention to the roadway and not your device. If your GPS unit tells you to turn left when you clearly see a “do not enter” sign, don't listen to it. Every year, people actually die when they consider the GPS voice to be a command, rather than just a suggestion.

Be sure to obtain updates to ensure you are following the most current route planning information. While many GPS devices come with thousands of maps uploaded right out of the box, it's important that you keep their firmware updated. By keeping your firmware updated, you ensure that you are getting the best quality service from your device. Remember, GPS is just a tool and it can fail. Don't assume it knows everything that's happening on the road and that it's up to date.

Always rely on your senses first and your navigation device second.

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