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Secrets of Xiaomi: defeat any fingerprint & password problem

ByGB Blog Official 2018-07-03 39034

Few things are as annoying as being unable to unlock your own phone. Well, maybe not being able to open your fridge or unlock your front door come close – but this is your phone we’re talking about.

Keep calm and learn how to beat any fingerprint identification or password unlock problem on a Xiaomi phone.

1. The fingerprint identification isn't working

Xiaomi fingerprint identification not working

● First, carefully clean the fingerprint reader;

Make sure your finger is dry (without any water stains, sweat, or grease);

● Your finger should also not be too dry;

● Ensure the fingerprint reader is not blocked or otherwise obstructed.

If the above methods still cannot solve your finger ID problem, then we recommend the following advice:

● Re-enter your fingerprint;

● Use the most commonly used grip position when entering your fingerprint;

● Try to restore to the factory settings (only as a final resort); this will erase all the data on the phone, so please exercise caution.

2. I've forgotten the lock screen password

Firstly, If you have set the lock screen password on the mobile phone, but you forget the password, please follow the following method:

(1). For MIUI 7 Development Version 6.3.10 or later

● Because removing the lock screen password may cause loss of user data, remember to back up your important data first before continuing:

● If you have opened a cloud service, check its status on to determine whether the data has been synchronized to the cloud or not;

Secondly, people with Android 6.0 and lower version mobile phones can try to connect Xiaomi phone assistant software to backup data. After backing up your data, choose one of the following methods to clear the lock screen password:

Xiaomi fingerprint scanner

(2). Phone models without BL lock

● Use Recovery mode to clear user data;

● Phones that support ROM flashing via cable should: (a) enter Fastboot and connect to Xiaomi assistant or (b) Miflash cable flashing (select clear all data);

● If the phone has logged into your Xiaomi account, open the "Find Phone" function: enter the here find the search device interface, then select "erase" phone.

(3). Phone models with BL lock

For Android 6.0 and older, power off the phone, then press the "power button + volume button" to enter recovery mode and connect to MI Phone Assistant to flash ROM;

● If the phone has logged into your Xiaomi account, open the "find phone" function: enter the here, find the search device interface, then select "erase" phone.

● If you are willing to clear the screen lock password by ROM flashing via cable, you can apply for unlock permissions on this web;

● If the above two methods are unable to clear the lock screen password, please go to the local after-sales service branch for help.

3. MIUI 7 Development Version 6.3.10 or older

● If your phone are bound to a Google account or MI account, you can find "forget password" option on the lock screen interface after trying a number of wrong password. Click it and enter the binding Google / MI account and password to unlock. Pay attention that using Google / MI account needs data network connection

● If your phone is not bound to either a Google or MI account, you can only enter the recovery mode to clear user data. For models without BL lock only, models with BL lock need to connect the MI phone assistant and then enter the Recovery mode to clear the data).

Note: this action will erase your personal information such as your SMS, contacts, call history, account information, etc., so please exercise caution.

Those are the current solutions to unlock Xiaomi smart phones with problematic lock outs; we will of course give more solutions on other brands phone in the future.

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