Seeing is believing: is 1080P really better than 720P?

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Looking for an IP cam for your home or workplace? Then you’ll have seen the phrases "720P" or "1080P" more than once.

security network camera: 720P vs 1080P

What does 720P and 1080P mean for IP cameras?

720P: equal to 1MP (megapixel) with an image resolution of 1080 x 720.

1080P: equal to 2MP (megapixel) with an image resolution of 1980 x 1080.

The 1080P image has twice the detail of 720P but at a cost. 1080P cameras consume twice as much network bandwidth and storage. In other words, streaming remotely via the internet will be twice as slow, and your storage will fill up twice as fast.

720P IP camera vs 1080P IP camera

How does this translate to what is seen on-screen?

The definition and fluency we see on the screen mainly depends on 3 factors.

1. The definition of the IP camera.

2. The resolution of your display screen.

3. The speed of your network.


1. 1080P cameras have sharper details and bigger images than 720P.

2. 1080P cameras consume twice as much network bandwidth and storage.

3. The resolution of the output display needs to be considered.

4. If you're not covering a large area, we recommend a 720P camera.

5. If your network is not fast/high bandwidth, use a 720P camera.

6. For longer recording sessions without buying additional storage, a 720P camera is better.

7. If image quality is the main priority, then 1080P cameras are the way to go.

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