Seeing is believing: turn your old smartphone into a IP camera

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As we all know, the iPhone 7 is already here. The mighty Xiaomi Mi Mix has also landed, along with many other stunning flagship phones.
Seeing is believing: turn your old smartphone into a IP camera

But what happens to your old phone after you upgrade?

We have a cool idea that you'll love: we will show you how to turn it into an IP camera in a few easy steps!

turn old smartphone into a IP camera

So what you need?

● One old smartphone with camera.

● One charger for the phone.

● Wi-Fi to connect to the network.

● One device to view the video which shoots by the smartphone.

● Install two applications: AtHome Video streamer and AtHome camera.

download AtHome Video streamer and AtHome camera app

Turn the old smartphone into a video capture device

● Download and install "AtHome Video streamer" – iOS/Android version (other apps probably work but this one definitely does).

● Launch the app.

● Get your CID, user name and password.

Download and install app for viewing the video stream

● Download and install the app "AtHome camera".

● Launch it on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

● Then enter your CID to connect and watch live video.


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