Segway-Ninebot One Z10 Electric Balance Unicycle FAQ

ByEvelyn Garcia 2019-06-18 1883

Here, we have listed some FAQs about Segway-Ninebot One Z10 Electric Balance Unicycle, you can check some annoying problems after buying it, such setting timer, connecting, adjusting brightness and so on. It will help you a lot.


● The atmospheric light switch is off and the customer must connect to the app and then enter the setting - the light setting - to turn on the ambient light.

● Could be a controller problem.

● Turn on the lock function. You need to unlock it.

The immobility of the foot pedal is caused by the rust of the pedal shaft. You can loosen the shaft or add some oil by tapping it.

● Check that the upper wire between the flap shaft and the handle is loose. If it's loose, tighten it.

● Check that the screw between the base of the rubber grip assembly and the frame of the vehicle body is loose, loose and tight.

(The handle attachment must be removed after the entire housing has been removed).

Depending on the performance situation, there is a speed limit as follows:

● If the power is less than 10%, the maximum speed is 8 km / h

● If the power is more than 10% and less than 20% or the body temperature is more than 65 degrees, the maximum speed is 12 km / h.

● If neither 1 nor 2 are met, it is assessed whether the user sets his preferred speed limit.

● If the above conditions are not met, set the maximum speed limit according to the model (C-17KM / h, C + -20KM / h, E-20KM / h, E + -23KM / h) and always monitor the performance of the vehicle. If the electrical quantity of the vehicle is less than half, the speed limit value shall be adjusted according to the following formula: A = (model speed limit +1000) - (50 - percent of electricity) * 2000/30;

The unit is m / h Rocker and alarm mode: The rocker is based on the new speed limit A calculated in the above four steps to start the speed limit. The buzzer alarm is based on the above new speed limit plus 2 km / h. This means that the value of (A + 2000) is alarmed, but the stop alarm is not stopped below (A + 2000), but is lower than ((A + 2000) - (model speed limit +1000) / 20). Stop the buzzer alarm. The whole process is not a simple value for starting and stopping the alarm, but a quantity that relates to each factor. This is a dynamically adjusted size. Our speed limitation scheme is not a rigid speed limitation, but is based on the user's operation and the actual speed as well as the body temperature of the tension.

If the vehicle is not driven with the vehicle tyre for a longer period of time, this leads to a natural loss of air. The vehicle must first be pumped to normal tyre pressure (40 PIS) for half a day or one day. The tyre may be too slow or leaking.

● Accelerate Softboard. The car will continue to accelerate after the car has rocked and alarmed, and a soft board will be displayed. This type is caused by an operating error during the journey and there is no problem with the vehicle. During cycling the speed is strictly forbidden, otherwise accidents can occur. Please drive carefully.

● Accelerate the softboard. The operating principle of the wheelbarrow is based on the built-in electronic gyro, which monitors the condition of the vehicle in real time: when the human body leans forwards or backwards, the car immediately drives the wheel to turn and generates a reaction force to maintain the balance of the vehicle. When acceleration is fast and the human body leans forward, the car must provide enormous power due to the required pressure, which can be maintained at the same time. If the battery, engine and protective plate cannot withstand the pressure caused by the immediate forward tilt, the car will become unbalanced.

(If you don't know the reason for the softboard and don't worry about driving safety, you can contact Customer Service 400 for repairs and testing by a professional engineer.)

It is recommended that the customer uninstall the APP to reinstall or restart the phone to re-establish a connection if the connection to Customer Service is still not established.

● During acceleration, the output power of the vehicle has reached the limit value and the torque required for the balance cannot be output.

● If the vehicle is about to reach maximum speed when accelerating, it is leaned back to remind the driver of the deceleration. If the player still does not slow down and accelerate further, this will lead to an accident.

● The road is smooth. Wet elevators, metal rims and overly fast brake belts can easily cause the tyres to slip and the vehicle to lose its balance.

● Beginner riding. Newcomers can easily fall into the pits in poor road


Cycling tips: (If the crater is lightly painted, let the knees act as a buffer and hold the vehicle at the same speed as walking.)

● Check that the tyre nozzle is inside the sleeve. If the sleeve is to be installed, the nozzle must be installed in the hub groove.

● If it is not a nozzle, check that the tyre assembly is not wobbly and making unusual noises. If you wobble, you must correct or replace the tyre.

● First check whether the internal interface of the charging interface and the vehicle body are plugged in. If it is not plugged in, this leads to poor contact and cannot be charged.

● Changing the charger If you change the charger, you can charge it normally and the charger has a problem.

● The charging cable on the battery is not connected.

If it turns out that the light strip on the side that is not bright after the replacement is still not bright, there may be a problem with the light strip and the light strip is replaced.

The principle of the wheelbarrow determines that no mechanical brakes are possible. Braking or braking can only be achieved by changing the center of gravity. When the speed reaches the upper limit, the center of gravity moves backwards to reach the maximum speed. Please drive carefully, avoid the rapid acceleration caused by the violent rocker, the beginner is easy to fall and hurt when you rock the board violently, remember to accelerate, to race, especially the beginner in the violent rocker is easy to fall and cause injury.

If the vehicle approaches the highest speed at high speed, a warning tone sounds. In some cases, a warning tone sounds when the vehicle sets a speed limit when the speed reaches the speed limit value.

This serves the safety of the driver and is normal. No panic at this time, only slower and slower, and there will be no back and alarm.

The body must be recalibrated as follows:

● Let the car float in horizontal / vertical direction (i.e. the tire leaves the ground.) After pressing the power switch, the ambient light of the body turns red and a long tone sounds.

● Immediately press and hold the on/off switch to release the hand if the body cannot be heard.

● After 1 second, press and hold the power button again. When you hear the "Drop" sound, release the power button, the ambient light changes from red to orange and then to orange.

The Ninebot One uses a 16-inch low-pressure tyre with a chassis height of 65 mm and a pedal located approximately 10 cm above the ground. This allows you not only to play on a flat court, but also to easily tackle dirt roads, lawns and even low shoulders. More freedom when entering and leaving the room, the elevator, no fear of stairs. We believe that you will lose a lot of driving pleasure if you have to concentrate on avoiding the stones and manhole covers everywhere.
If the vehicle is not used for an extended period of time, the battery may be completely discharged. It is recommended to fully charge the battery after each use and to charge it once a month for a longer period of time to extend the battery life.
If the vehicle breaks down, please call Customer Service: 400-607-0001 to 9 for advice or repair.

● The Product may be returned, replaced or repaired by the User within 7 days of the date of purchase (the official e-commerce date shall be the date of receipt).

● Within 15 days from the date of purchase (the official e-commerce date from the date of receipt), non-human damage occurs, the consumer can choose to exchange or repair the goods, and the gifts are not included in the replacement range.

● Repair the product after 15 days from the date of warranty and within the warranty period.

● Customers purchased via the official e-commerce platform may request a return within 7 days of the date of receipt of the goods, without giving any reason. The customer bears the return costs.

As the guidelines in the different regions differ slightly, please contact the responsible local authorities in advance. In the product test, subways and trains are allowed to take a wheelbarrow with them. If you send the Ninebot One to the plane, this is very problematic, since the largest part of the battery capacity of the Ninebot One has exceeded the load capacity of 160 Wh. Special regulations are also required for consultation with the local airline.
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