Shop smart: fake VS authentic IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus

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We love the bestselling IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus. But beware of clones.
Shop smart: fake VS authentic IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus

At GearBest, all of our products are guaranteed 100% authentic with full warranties. However, unscrupulous sellers can sell clones and fakes to unwary customers.

distinguish fake IJOY from genuine one

We help you to distinguish between fake from authentic limitless RDTA Plus atomizer with our handy guide.

1. Main Packaging

(1). The font looks different: the real IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus has an "IJOY" mark, see picture:

authentic IJOY package has IJOY logo

(2). A fake IJOY security code just a printed piece of paper, it cannot be scratched at all.

IJOY security code

(3). The authentic IJOY acrylic box is thicker and stronger, offering better protection for the contents inside. Also, there is a prominent IJOY logo on the side or top.

IJOY acrylic box

(4). Location of screws is different.

IJOY screws

2. Included Accessories

(1). The authentic accessories bag comes with no Allen key because all the top and bottom screws are the same Philips head. Just the screwdriver inside can handle them all.

IJOY accessories

(2). The authentic IJOY screwdriver is larger and better quality, with a black holder.

authentic IJOY screwdriver

(3). Genuine IJOY coils adhere to the fused Clapton design, not twist coils.

Genuine IJOY coils

(4). Authentic IJOY top screws are good quality Philips head, the size is perfect for IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus.

Authentic top screws

3. The Fine Details

(1). Authentic version features pre-installed top screws (colored titanium). These are more expensive than standard stainless steel screws.

IJOY top screws

(2). The bottom screws are also Philips head design.

IJOY bottom screws

(3). The authentic IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus comes with a protruding pin; this is safe for use, even for Hybrid mods.

IJOY protruding pin

(4). Authentic barrel bandanna carved effect, rather than a simple laser engraving.

Authentic IJOY barrel bandanna carved effect

4. Different drip tip version of Limitless RDTA Plus

Also, there are two drip tip versions of Limitless RDTA Plus on the market. Please ensure it is the genuine version before use for safety.

Different drip tip version of IJOY RDTA Limitless Plus

Source: Official IJOY website