Simple and effective solution to solve the watch water intake problem

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In life, watches will inevitably encounter water intake problems. If you are far from the watches after sale service division, it is very troublesome, because watches cannot go into water for a long time without treatment. At this time it is very necessary to master emergency treatment methods. Today, I bring you some simple and effective ways to deal with the water intake watches, so that we can solve the unexpected problems of watches.

water flowing into the watch

Several phenomena or degrees of water flowing into the watch:

(1)The fog in the watch glass may also sometimes be absent, especially when the temperature difference is high.

(2)There is a condensation of water in the glass of the watch.

(3)A large number of drops of water are visible on the watch glass and dial.

water flowing into the watch

Several types of water intake in the watch

(1) Purified or distilled water

(2)Tap water or rain water

(3)Drink or beer


(5)Cosmetics or chemical reagents or potions

water flowing into the watch

Simple treatments of watch after influent

Following are 3 simple treatments of watch after influent.

Method 1:

When the ordinary mechanical watch is damp, it can be tightly wrapped with several layers of toilet paper or moisture-absorbent velvet cloth, placed about 15 centimeters near a 40-watt light bulb, and baked for about 30 minutes. The water vapor in it can be dissipated. Please do not bake the watch directly near the fire so as not to make the surface deformation by heating.

Method 2:

Turn the watch inside and the bottom facing out. Then put it on the wrist and remove the moisture after two hours. If the watch is seriously flooded, you'd better go to the watch shop to wipe the oil immediately, so as to remove the moisture of the movement and avoid rusting parts.

Method 3:

Use granular silica gel with the already stagnant watch into a closed container, a few hours later, take out the watch, the water will disappear. This method is simple and economical without any damage to the precision and life of the watch. The silica gel, which has been absorbed many times, can be dried at 120 ℃ for a few hours, the absorbency can be regenerated, and it can be used repeatedly.


Attention should be paid to the protection of watches in daily life. For example, in a dry and ventilated environment, you’d better avoid direct contact between the watch and water. Even a waterproof watch should be avoided to water.  And as long as the watch has touched water, you’d better check it out to avoid serious damage to internal parts due to delay in time. So don't be careless seeing it as a trivial thing, a watch is very expensive.


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