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Simple ways to solve dash cam recording problems

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What to do if your dash camera stop recording, the screen went blank, didn't start recording after the car ignition, etc. Here are some simple ways to solve the dash cam recording problems.

Dash cam stops recording suddenly

Turn off motion detection feature. For smaller SD cards, this feature will stop recording whenever no motion is detected in front of the camera. When movement is detected the camera will start recording again. For larger SD cards this feature is not required.

Dash camera's screen goes blank

Turn off the back light or enable power save function. This feature will switch off the LCD screen after a selected time in order to reduce distraction at night. This may give the impression recording has stopped but it will still be recording in background.

Camera does not start recording after ignition switched on

This can happen if the internal battery is heavily discharged. If the camera has not been used for some time and the internal battery is fully discharged, it may take a few minutes before there is sufficient energy from the power adapter to charge the battery and power the dash camera.

dash camera not start recording

The car DVR / dash cam recording is intermittent

● Check your SD card speed: use a SD card with a speed of at least Class6. If the card recording is not fast enough files may become corrupted.

● Make sure the SD card is not fake: there are some fake SD cards on the market, which may not perform to their specified speed and cause recording problems, especially when recording at Full HD resolution.

If you wish to check the speed of an SD card there are programs available such as HD Tune which can confirm the data transfer rate. The table below shows expected transfer rates for each class of SD card. Highlighted in red are speeds for the Class6 & Class10 cards recommended for use with common dash cameras.

● Make sure the SD card is compatible with camera.

● Make sure the SD card used is not UHS -Ultra High Speed type (indicated by a number inside a "U"), as these may not be compatible with the current dash cameras.

● Check power supply.

● Ensure that the 12V power adapter is securely fitted into the car power socket, the LED is always illuminated, the engine is switched on. If the LED flickers or goes out during use, then the power adapter may not be securely fitted into the socket, causing the camera to power off.

● Check whether the fuse in the end of the adapter is not blown. Check the cable for damage, which may have caused the fuse to blow.

● Check 12V power socket on Stop/Start vehicles.

● If you have a stop/start vehicle, amke sure that the 12V power socket does not power down when the vehicle enters stop/start mode. If this happens the dash camera will switch off too.

The dash cam's screen displayed "Card Full/Error"

"Card Full": if the loop recording function is enabled the dash cam will operate properly and the oldest files wiull be automatically deleted, otherwise this message will appear on the screen everytime the card becomes full. To avoid this problem set the length of each video clip to 3 or 5 minutes.

"Card Error": the SD card is corrupted. Remove useful files then re-format the card using the camera menu option.

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