SJ7000 sport video camcorder firmware flash guide

ByZim Watson 2017-05-06 3604

The guide show you the specific steps to help you easily flashing the SJ7000 sport video camcorder's firmware.

Step 1. Download the SJ7000 ROM from our blog on your PC. And release the RAR file.

Step 2. Remove the TF card from your SJ7000 camcorder and insert it into a USB card reader. Connect the card reader to the computer. When the card be successfully detected, open the USB disk.

USB card reader for action camera

Step 3. Open the uncompressed SJ7000 ROM file, find the "FW96655A.bin" file and copy it to your card root directory.

Step 4. Safely remove the USB card reader from the PC and pull out the TF card from it, then insert the card back into the SJ7000 camcorder.

Step 5. Power on the camcorder, it will automatically flash the firmware. Wait until it automatically reboots. The firmware is successfully flashed.

Step 6. Pull out the TF card, and format it. Reboot the camera, then install the TF card back the device. Now, you can use the TF card to store the recording videos or captured pictures.

Notice: During the device firmware flashing process, make sure the SJ7000 camcorder has enough power, otherwise, the flashing process may be ceased if the power runs out. So you can charge the camera to a power source during the process.

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