SJCAM WiFi APP cannot connect properly

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Reasons why the SJCAM APP cannot connect properly and how to solve them.

Reasons why the APP cannot connect properly:

1. Make sure to have an authentic SJCAM Action Camera

If you are not sure, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Scan the QR code on the side of your package or on the back of your user manual to download the SJCAM Zone App.

Step 2. Scratch the silver layer off completely to see the verification code.

          SJCAM camera verification code
The "verify" button

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2. Check the WiFi

Make sure the WiFi is enabled both on your camera and on your mobile phone or a panel computer, and can connect. If you keep losing connection, check if there are other devices trying to connect to your mobile device.

3. The WiFi is connected too many devices

Some phones / mobile devices that connect to other devices like WiFi routers, will cause your camera to disconnect. Try to disable them when connecting the camera to your phone.

4. Download the latest SJCAM APP

Make sure you downloaded the latest SJCAM APP from the APP Store (you can search and download from Google Play for Android system, or APP Store for iOS system).

5. Complete the connection

If you are updating the APP, it will disconnect temporarily and become available again when the update is completed.

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