Sleep monitors finally explained: sleep like a boss

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Learn the truth about sleep monitors: how they actually work and help you to rest you need and the sleep you crave.

What is considered "good quality sleep"?

A good night's sleep consists of around five or six sleep cycles and not just how long have you been sleeping. One full cycle consists of the following four stages:

good quality sleep

Stage 1:

The drowsy, relaxed state between being awake and nodding off.

Stage 2:

A deeper sleep where your body temperature cools a little and you become disengaged from your surroundings.

Stage 3:

This is the deep sleep state; it is very hard to wake up from a deep sleep because this is when there is the lowest amount of activity in your body. It is also the part of sleep where your body rebuilds itself, restores energy and hormones are released.

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Stage 4:

After deep sleep, we slip back into stage 2 for a few minutes before entering "dream sleep" – also known as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Each full cycle lasts around 1.5 hours and we need to experience all four stages in order to wake up rested.

sleep monitor

How does a sleep monitor work?

Virtually every fitness tracker has the ability to map your shut-eye. They work by continuously monitoring your movements during sleep - known in professional sleep circles as actigraphy.

The device assesses the sleep-wake cycles to see whether you're in deep or light sleep.

Auto-detection is based on your movement; when you haven't moved in over an hour, algorithms assume that sleep has begun – this is confirmed by the length of time your movements indicate sleep behavior only (rolling over, etc.).

Morning movement tells your tracker that you're awake.

Some smart devices such as a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 come equipped with a smart alarm feature. This will vibrate 30 minutes before the alarm time at the correct point of the sleep cycle – this is significantly better for your overall physical and mental health.


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