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Solutions for Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip smart watch common issues

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How to calibrate compass on Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip watch? How to enable incoming call notifications? How to connect Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip with my mobile phone? This post will teach you how to slove the common problems in using Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip smart watch.


Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip Smart Watch

Go the Mi Fit app--> Profile--> My devices Amazfit Bip--> Weather settings--> Temperature units to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
To change watch face, turn on your watch and swipe left from watch face till you find settings--> tap settings--> tap watch face --> swipe up, you can access all the watch faces. Tap on your selection and confirm by tapping ok, the watch face will update.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to change 24H to 12H time format at this moment. But it does have the watch face with 12 hour time format on the watch.
Steps, heart rate, mileage, calories burning, and idle alert.
Open Mi Fit APP, tap 'Activities' in the lower middle of the screen to access your overall mileage and workouts. Tap total mileage, you can view your sports history by week, by month, or view all.

● Open Mi Fit App and tap on 'Profile' in the lower right-hand corner

● Tap on 'Activity Goal' to set up your goal

● To set Step Goal, scroll up or down to find desired step count and tap "OK" to save.

● To enable goal notifications, Open Mi Fit App and tap on 'Profile' in the lower right-hand corner, tap 'Amazfit Bip' under'My Devices', Tap' More', Tap 'Goal notifications', toggle on or off to enable or disable goal notifications.

Swipe left from the watch face till you find Compass. Tap compass, it will show you a figure 8 pattern. Move your watch around in a figure 8 pattern to calibrate.

After calibration successfully, it will show your location on the watch screen. N will always point North. W shows the direction you are facing.

● Open Mi Fit App and tap on 'Profile' in the the lower right-hand corner · 

● Tap 'Amazfit Bip' under 'My Devices' to access Alarm Clock Settings · 

● Tap on Alarm Clock Settings to add or edit alarm clocks · 

● To enable an alarm setting, find the panel with the desired time and swipe right.  

● To disable an alarm setting, find the panel with the desired time and swipe left.


· You can store up to 10 alarms on the watch.

· When an alarm vibrates, you have two options: snooze and off. If you tap snooze, it will vibrate later. If you tap off, it will stop vibrating.

· It can’t recognize holidays and will still vibrate during holidays.

From the home screen of the watch, swipe LEFT till you find weather. Tap weather you will see current weather data like temperature, weather. Swipe UP you will see 6-day weather forecast. If your watch doesn’t show weather or the data is not complete, please open Mi Fit App and pull down to sync.

From the home screen of the watch, swipe LEFT to access 'Activity'--> 'Activity Settings'. Tap 'Activity Settings' to set 'auto pause', 'heart rate alert', 'pace alert', and 'distance alert'.

Auto Pause: When auto pause is enabled, watch will automatically pause when you are resting or stop moving during your activity.

Heart Rate Alert: You can set a value to make the watch alert you when your heart rate jumps above the value you set.

Pace Alert: You can set a target pace to make the watch alert you when your pace is below the target pace.

Distance Alert: You can set the desired distance to alert you. (eg: vibration at each mile)

● Open Mi Fit App

● Tap on 'Profile' in the lower right-hand corner.

● Tap on 'Amazfit Bip' under 'My devices’

● Tap on Incoming Call

● Toggle on incoming call alerts

● Toggle on 'show contact information' to show phone number or contacts for incoming calls.

Swipe down from the home screen of the watch, Tap on DND, you have two options: 'Now' and 'Auto'. When you choose 'Now', your watch will stop alerting for phone call, SMS / APP / EMAIL and other push notifications from apps you set immediately. However, if you choose Auto, Bip will stop alerting only in the night when it detects you are sleeping.

Normally, watch will show a charging interface when charging. If your Bip is not charging properly, please check the following steps to troubleshoot your issue. Check if Bip is connected securely to the charging base. If not, press or adjust to make them connected tightly.

· Check if the USB port, charging adapter, outlets or the charging base is faulty.

· Check if the charging contacts on the back of the Bip or the charging base are dirty. If they are dirty, please use a toothbrush with rubbing alcohol to clean the charging contacts on the back and soak a cotton swab with alcohol, then press it to the charging pins on the charging base carefully.Please clean them thoroughly and make sure that no debris from the swab is left behind.Then wipe with a dry cloth or tissue before charging.

· For new watches, please remove the watch screen protector before charging your device.

Amazfit Bip is resistant to dust, rain, splashing, and accidental submersion. It shouldn’t be used when you are taking a shower/bath, having a spa, swimming or in the sauna or steam room. When you move your arm to begin swimming, water pressure can change quickly. It would be much higher than the static pressure at the depth of 1.5 meters and it’s possible water could force its way into the device. When you are taking a shower/bath, rapid changes in temperature may cause expansion and contraction damaging the watch and its water-resistance rating. Shampoo, soaps and other liquids are highly corrosive to the wristband and the casing of the watch.

If you have trouble in updating Amazfit Bip, please try the following steps to troubleshoot your issue:

● Sign out of Mi Fit app and re-log in. When you open Mi Fit app, app will connect with watch and update automatically.

● Uninstall/Install Mi Fit APP, log in to the app, and re-connect.

● Erase Bluetooth Share Data and app caches if you are using an Android phone.

● Reboot your mobile phone Before updating your device, we recommend fully charging your watch or make sure it has 10% battery left. Keep your phone screen is on and do not perform other operations on your phone during upgrade.

● Check battery level: If you cannot connect, make sure your Amazfit Bip is fully charged. Place your device on the charger base for 10 minutes, remove from the charger base and try connecting again.

● Force quit and reopen Mi Fit app

● If it doesn’t sync, close the app and turn off/on the Bluetooth on your phone, reopen the app and try connecting again.

● Reboot your phone

● Uninstall / Install mobile application:

Android: Erase Bluetooth cache and data Go to Setting --> Application Management --> More Application --> All --> Bluetooth Shared --> Clear Data

iOS: Go to phone settings to find Bluetooth setting and then remove the Amazfit device. To do so, tap on the icon next to the Amazfit and tap Forget this device. Toggle Bluetooth OFF and ON. Re-open App and try connecting again. Note: Please keep away from other Bluetooth devices when connecting.

● Open Mi Fit app and select Sign-up with a Mi account. After you have created and signed into your user account, the app will ask you input your details like your gender, height, and weight.

● To connect Amazfit Bip with your mobile phone, activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone, open Mi Fit app, tap 'No paired devices' in the home screen of the app (tap 'profile'---"My device"), Tap on 'watch' and tap 'Amazfit Bip' to pair.

● Place the watch next to or onto your phone while the Bluetooth connection on your device is in search mode. Then you will receive a pairing request on your watch. Tap the check mark to confirm for pairing. After confirmation, your watch will connect to your phone immediately and it will update Repository, Firmware, and AGPS automatically. This process may take several minutes to complete.

First, make sure your watch is charged to avoid interruptions during the initial setup process.

To turn on your watch, press the button on the right-hand side of your watch.

To turn off your watch, press the same button on its right side to wake the watch, swipe left till you see 'SETTINGS’. Tap on SETTINGS and swipe UP till you find 'turn off'. Tap on OK to turn off.

● The Amazfit Bip companion app is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store. Please search for "Mi Fit" to download and install the app.

● Scan the QR code in the Amazfit Bip Manual to download and install Mi Fit APP.

Please fully charge your watch before use. It takes about 2.5 hour to fully charge it. To charge your Amazfit Bip Insert the watch into its charging base, attach the USB end of the charger to your PC or a normal charging adaptor. Once clipped in, the watch face will light up and show that the watch as "charging".

● Open Mi Fit App and tap on 'Profile' in the lower right-hand corner.

● Tap on Amazfit Bip under 'My devices'

● Tap on App alerts to allow Mi Fit access notifications

● Turn on App Alerts

● Tap on "Manage apps" in the lower middle of the screen and select app to alert. 

Open Mi Fit APP, tap profile in the lower right-hand corner of home screen Tap on Units to change between Imperial to Metric Go back to home screen and pull down to sync.

In settings, you can access watch face, long press the button, adjust brightness, about and turn off.

Set the watch face: Tap and swipe up, you can access watch faces. Tap on your selection and confirm by tapping ok, the watch face will update.

Long press the button: Tap the check mark next to the activity to make it quick start by long press. You can set to quick start outdoor running, treadmill, cycling and walking.

Adjust Brightness: You can adjust the brightness by adding or subtracting keys. About: You can check firmware version and Bluetooth address.

Turn off: You can turn off your watch.

Wrap up

Considerate monitor contact designed on the behind of Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip smart watch, take care of your health anytime and anywhere. GPS + GLONASS dual positioning, easy to find accurate position, provide you safe assurance. Up to 45 days standby time and IP68 waterproof, which all give you amazing experience.


Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip Lite Version Smart Watch


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