Sonoff eWeLink App function instructions and setting details

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-08-14 9956

We have discussed how to pair eWeLink with Sonoff. And now we want talk about more details of eWeLink settings. From the eWeLink home page you can access the features available for each device, which of course depend on the model.

eWeLink App on Sonoff

The common features the eWeLink App on Sonoff devices

● Device settings: change the device name, firmware version, notifications and power-on status (on/off/last status)

● Sharing:  share Sonoff device  with other eWeLink users

● Timetable: manage timer ( programmed times, countdown, loop) 

● Scenes: actions on multiple Sonoff devices based on events ( click, temperature/humidity, status of another device )

Take Sonoff 4 as an example

eWeLink App on Sonoff 

eWeLink App on Sonoff 

Sonoff device settings

Let's see now the settings common to all devices:

● configure the status at power on of each output channel: on (ON), off (OFF), last status before power off (PRESERVE)

eWeLink App on Sonoff 

● deactivate the LED on board the deviceDisable Indicator

enable App notifications of individual channel status changes

● disable the possibility of switching all outputs on/off at the same time

● enable interlock between outputs in multi-channel devices

eWeLink Interlock (Interlock)

Gradual variation or inching eWeLink Sonoff

One of the most interesting options by far is the possibility of enabling output timing via the eWeLink app on Sonoffs (gradual variation or inching).

eWeLink App on Sonoff 

Timing (gradual variation or inching) in Sonoff devices is a very useful feature that works with all devices (even compatible ones) except Sonoff TH16 and allows you to transform the single output of your device into a timed WiFi button with configurable duration between 0.5 seconds and 1 hour (with an increase of 0.5 seconds).

Even more interesting is that the timing works even with the device not connected.

Device sharing between eWeLink users

You can share the management of your individual devices with other eWeLink users. This is the mode you have to adopt in order to manage the same device simultaneously from two different smartphones, creating two different access credentials.

The pre-conditions for sharing from the eWeLink app are as follows:

● the receiving account must be logged in to your smartphone

● the eWeLink app must be active on the receiving telephone

● Sender and receiver smartphones must both be connected to the internet

Please note that the eWeLink app allows you to share multiple devices at the same time.

Not all features are possible

eWeLink Sonoff Programming Timer

Take Sonoff TH 16 as an example

eWeLink App on Sonoff​ 

● Select the device

● Creating the Power Timer

● Select repeat every day

● Set power-on time and confirm

● Create the shutdown timer

● Set frequency, time and action

In the case of devices with more than one channel it is possible to select them individually:

eWeLink App Sonoff instructions programming scenes

On the eWeLink app you can create and manage scenes that are used to automatically perform actions on a device depending on a condition.

There are three types of scenes on the eWeLink app:

● Tap on the app (to switch several devices on or off at the same time)

● Timer (to start the scene at a fixed time)

● Device (state of a channel or measured data such as temperature or humidity in the Sonoff TH16)

Some important points of attention on the use of Sonoff scenes:

● the same device cannot be both in the condition and in the execution target

● the execution may concern more than one channel of the same device but not more than one device at the same time

● in the case of a device-based condition, an additional time condition on days and times of possible execution can also be specified

● do not work when the devices involved are not connected to the Internet

● cannot be shared

If the scenes in eWeLink are not enough for some reason, such as for example:

● use different channels of the same device for execution condition and target

● Interact with external devices

● perform actions based on sunset and sunrise times

then you could start using IFTTT as well, as I explain in my article IFTTT Sonoff.

A further alternative is to use the custom routines as I explain in Sonoff Google Home.

Maximum number of Sonoff devices, timers and scenes

A frequently asked question concerns the maximum number of devices that can be managed: the answer can be found on the ITEAD detail page: EWeLink Introduction.

In a nutshell:

● Maximum number of devices that can be managed: 150

● Maximum number of timers per Sonoff device: 8

● maximum number of scenes that can be stored: 21

On the support site I have tried the eWeLink and limited devices for Scene thread which suggests the following conclusion, although not documented:

● Maximum number of devices that can be managed: 18

These limits become relevant when you start using several Sonoff devices, scenes and timers with the same eWeLink profile.

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