Succeeding in quitting smoking with the electronic cigarette

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It is less risky for your health to vaporize than to smoke. How to successfully quit smoking with the e-cigarette? Advice from doctors on the rules to follow.


The electronic cigarette is not officially recognized as a method of quitting smoking. However, many doctors believe that it facilitates smoking cessation. Under certain conditions.

Choosing the right e-cigarette

Professionals recommend first and foremost to take your time to test several models of electronic cigarette. The failure of the vaporizer is a major cause of smoking resumption in the first few weeks of abstinence.


 The tank (or cartridge): it stores the e-liquid, more or less dosed in nicotine. "You need to have liquid in advance or several cartomizers," says Professor Dautzenberg.
 The rechargeable battery: it provides the current that heats the resistance. The higher the pressure, the higher the temperature and the greater the amount of steam released. For heavy smokers, its autonomy is another factor to take into account. Big batteries last the day, smaller ones don't. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you have a way to recharge it or have two models.

 Electrical resistance: it heats and vaporizes the liquid contained in the tank, which is vaporized. Called atomizer or cartomizer when the resistance and the "cartridge" are combined.
Mop up with nicotine


An analysis by British researchers of two clinical trials concluded that 9% of people who used the e-cigarette quit smoking for at least six months, a figure that drops to 4% for placebo cigarettes.


Vaporizers" were more likely than patch users to reduce their consumption by at least half. We must be careful not to say that it is more effective than nicotine substitutes because it may block the medical attitude.


The e-cigarette is not considered a nicotine substitute like patches, gums or tablets. But, for the tobaccoologist Anne Borgne, she can replace or supplement these substitutes, when they are perceived as too passive. The biggest smokers, in particular, can combine it with patches.

Do not reconcile electronic cigarette and cigarette

The main condition for quitting smoking is - logically - to be an exclusive vaporizer, so not to reconcile vaporization and smoking. It is very rare for those who vaporize exclusively to return to tobacco. On the other hand, for those who vaporize and continue to smoke, addiction remains very high.


The High Council on Public Health updated its recommendations this year to this effect. He concluded that the e-cigarette can be considered as an aid to smoking cessation and is a tool for reducing tobacco risks, but that "the debate remains open" for concomitant users of tobacco and electronic cigarettes. However, according to the 2014 Health Barometer of the National Institute of Prevention and Health Education, a smoker who also uses an e-cigarette would reduce his consumption by an average of nine cigarettes per day.

Knowing your nicotine needs

The vaporized liquid contains propylene glycol or glycerol, different flavors, and especially nicotine, important for those who want to substitute the e-cigarette for the classic cigarette. It is better to know your needs and not to underdose it in relation to the amount to which the body is used. You have to stay at full dose at first and don't lower it too quickly, otherwise there is a risk of relapse.

Seeking optimal satisfaction

The gestures associated with the steam in the throat provide a positive sensation. "This is the most that the electronic cigarette brings and that we must look for," insists Dr. Borgne. After an emotion, a meal, in the evening, it is this satisfaction that would help people who are addicted to tobacco to abstain. "Pleasure is an imperative obligation for it to work," admits Professor Dautzenberg.​


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