Syllable D900s sports headphones review

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I do not know since when, the trend of "movement" and "wearing" of Bluetooth headphones has quietly sprung up, and many headset manufacturers at home and abroad have also begun to add these two elements to their Bluetooth headphones. As a result, "sports and cool fly together, dress and fashion resonate". Compared with the traditional Bluetooth headset, the sports model adopts ergonomic planning, which is not only waterproof and unfettered, but also more fashionable and colorful as an "embellishment" in the street ear. As a veteran headphone manufacturer, Selbel's products are famous for their "innovative" planning and excellent comprehensive quality. The A6, which I used earlier, adopted the "necklace" planning, which is quite impressive. On the other hand, the D900S absorbs the previous D900 "sports" gene, optimizes and improves it, and further pushes the two attributes of "sports" and "fashion" to a new high point, achieving the headphone "wearable" concept of "freedom without bondage". It is known to be a headset featuring "sports (sport)" by its suffix "S". The author also recently got this product, investigate its performance in the end, let's take a look at it:

Packaging using a hanging card plastic package planning, hard shell rectangular box, the black background painted with handsome "exotic boy" wearing earplugs face "intoxicated" deep blurred expression, outstanding its flagship portable dexterous fashion sports attribute. In addition, in the lower right corner of the packaging, there are many bumps composed of the "hexagram star" pattern, which is also its brand LOGO. The back of the

Box is printed with product diagrams in both Chinese and English, as well as a list of selling points. The certification in the lower right corner, such as CE and ROHS (which represents the adoption of the EU mandatory certification standard, that is, the Directive on restricting the use of certain harmful components in Electronic and Electrical equipment), the safety is still very guaranteed.

Headphones use pull-type planning, after pulling out the inner box to open, you can see the main body of the headphones and instructions and other paper products "wrapped" by the antistatic bag.

In terms of content, it is quite rich. In addition to the main body of the headphone, it is also equipped with a charging box that can be received and rechargeable, as well as Micro USB cable, three pairs of ear caps of different sizes and cloth storage bags. The storage bag feels a little smaller (the headphones are actually quite large), so it would be better to use a larger leather storage bag.

Although the guide manual is small, it is printed with CN, EN, DE, ES, FR, PT, RU, IT in as many as 8 languages. The text describes in detail everything from operation to maintenance and troubleshooting, such as some faults encountered in the use of headphones, which can be solved through self-examination of this small manual, which is very convenient.

Also comes with an elastic colloidal "safety rope" to fix the main and auxiliary headphones to avoid accidental fall-off during "exercise". In fact, in practical application, as long as it is not strenuous exercise, as long as the author strolls around the street like a free walk, there is no need to worry about falling. It is better to wear it only when the range is large, such as running, cycling and so on.

II, appearance workmanship and detailed planning:

Headphones actually have two storage methods, travel "bag" and household storage "box". Although it is not equipped with a dedicated charger, it can be charged with a mobile phone and can be "fed" in about two and a half hours (the built-in battery capacity of the headset is 65 Ma). The biggest difference between

And ordinary headphones is that for the convenience of carrying, Selbel provides D900S with its own charging base, transparent cover, black frosted plastic box body, just like a exquisite "jewelry box", and the main corner of the box is our round and lovely "little black bean". In addition, there is a charging button in the middle of the base box body, which can be pressed to charge the headset, while the side is a MicroUSB charging port. The

Charging stand is equipped with a battery (which provides about 6 times of charging support for the headset), which takes about 2.5 hours to charge. The interior of the base is equipped with four LED lights to show the power status of the base (one is about 25%). After filling up, you can charge the headphones. The double grooves in the

Box act as a card and can be recharged by combining the thimble in the slot with the headphone contact. There is no need to use the USB port like the ordinary Bluetooth headset, and you need to drag a long "tail" when charging. The buckle cover needs to be pressed in and broken up. The planning of the top cover is not only dustproof and easy to carry, but also can be pressed down, so that the contact between the headphone contact and the internal charging pin is more "intimate".

When the headset is charged, the "breathing lamp" of the outer ring of the plug head can emit a red halo, which is very good-looking.

At present, there are two colors of headphones, namely, black and white, which are yellow. We do not rule out the need for more color matching in the future. In fact, D900S is made up of two mono-ear heads (left and right ears), and the Multiplex link (compound connection technology is used between the left and right ear heads. It can work alone (only the right ear can have the function of talking when used alone), and it can also be effective at the same time, thus producing stereo effect. Although the plug body is plastic, the surface of the shell is mixed with a layer of "pearl powder" baking paint, which looks like a "black pearl". There is a big LOGO operation key in the middle, which is surrounded by a circle of "breathing lights".

The attached earrings are made of food-grade silicone, which can be safely used. The three-layer ear cap is comfortable to wear and is relatively firm after wearing it. The metal filter at the catheter prevents the entry of earwax. The plug body adopts a 30-degree bevel planning, which is not only closer to the external auditory canal, but also ensures a good sense of comfort and stability. In addition, L and R are printed on the inside of the plug body to distinguish between the left and right ears, one side is a microphone, and the D900S supports the "one-button answer" function. When you need to answer, just one button, easy and convenient.

A headset is the same size as a one-dollar coin (its maximum diameter is 23mm). It is light in weight and has no pressure to wear for a long time. The biggest innovation of this headset is that it cancels the general Bluetooth headset and needs to be connected by dragging the "tail" to get rid of the "wire control". Instead, it is integrated into the headset cavity, but unfortunately, it is not possible to switch up and down at present. Two pairs of headphones have been set up when they leave the factory. If there is a sound in one ear, you can refer to the manual and reconnect it.

The contact in the middle of the headset is specially gilded, which can effectively resist oxidation and prolong its service life to a certain extent. In addition, as a sports headset, the D900S is also IPX4-class waterproof, that is, the water splashed from any direction can also be used normally. In practical application, we are not afraid of dripping rain and sweat.

Third, functional application and auditory experience:

 in terms of specifications, D900S uses a Bluetooth chip imported from CSR 8670 and a stereo solution with aptX codec technology, which makes it clearer and more layered in listening to music and calling. 8mm sound unit, impedance of 16 ohms, sensitivity of-42dB ±2DB, Bluetooth version 4.0, supports 10m barrier-free calls. Support active noise reduction, can effectively filter external noise. In terms of battery life, officials claim that its standby time and operating time are about 90 hours and 4 hours respectively, which is in the middle level. The operation is also quite simple, pressing the button for a long time for 2 seconds can turn the machine on and off. Because of the division of primary and secondary headphones, if you want to enjoy the music experience of dual-channel stereo, you must press the main and secondary at the same time, otherwise there will be the sound of "one ear" when the author first started. The matching of headphones is also simple. After pressing the red and blue flashing lights for about 4 seconds, you can search for headphones on the mobile phone. After success, the next application will be "automatic connection", which is very fast.

In addition, the actual sound insulation effect of the headphone is quite good. When walking, such as me, I can hardly hear the outside noise, so it is very suitable for going out and carrying it. In terms of sense of hearing, with the X7 which the author has just started, its comprehensive quality is particularly outstanding in the 500-yuan Bluetooth headset, with three-frequency balanced natural, high-frequency performance full of levels, good extension and a lot of details. The mid-range is clear and delicate, and the restoration of the human voice is quite good. The male voice is transparent and powerful, and the female voice is delicate and sweet. Low-frequency quantitative sense is more, full of flexibility, diving is also OK. Generally speaking, this plug has a good performance in listening to popular types such as pop, ACG, light music and so on.

Summary: as an upgraded version of the D900, the Selbel D900S follows the previous composite connection technology, and the single and dual planning can be used for both business calls and music experience. The elegant and chic appearance, the comfortable and stable wearing, and the convenient and excellent function are all impressive. The price of less than four tickets is also acceptable to most people. If you like the music melody around during sports as the author does, and at the same time you only like the feeling of being free and born free, then this headset is really a good choice!

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