Take back the night: amazing camping lights

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When it comes to your camping trip, you should always have a quality headlamp, flashlight, and lantern on your packing list. Proper lights can keep you safe and comfortable throughout your journey. So purchasing a proper amazing camping light can be of much importance.

Before clicking the mouse, you need to first consider the intended purpose of the lighting. Light up your whole tent? Illuminate the other parts of your campsite? Create a relaxed atmosphere for campers? Below we classify camping lights into several types according to their purpose.

Area Lighting

Area lighting or lanterns are ideal for lighting a large area and provide the best overall lighting range. It can be hang-carried or hang on the tent or trees. Some tent lights also include a light and fan combination for the warmest nights.

The solar lantern is portable and collapsible, offering you the convenience you need when you camp out.

solar lantern

Directional Lighting

From flashlights to hands-free headlamps, these lights are ideal for walking in low light conditions and provide the best distance beam. Directional lights are typically battery powered or hand crank power generated.

The zanflare F1 flashlight is absolutely your reliable companion in your camping journey for its durable quality and versatile functions.

zanflare F1 flashlight

Mood Lighting

Colorful string lights are awesome for lighting an area at the campsite with a festive or warm mood. They are generally solar powered and hang on the trees, around the car, or just as a table centerpiece. A relaxed and intimate feel can be achieved by lowering overall lighting levels, and subduing colors.

Mood Lighting

Which factor entice you most?

Lamp Bead

A CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulb generally takes about 100 - 300 milliseconds to illuminate once activated, while an LED (Light Emitting Diodes) needs only a few nanoseconds, giving a significant advantage in highly demanding application.

Light Output

Usually measured in lumens. It indicates how much luminous flux the lamp generates. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. But you must bear in mind that higher lumens also results in lower energy efficiency, aka lower burn times or shorter battery life.

Peak Beam Intensity

Usually measured in cd (candela). It tells how intense the light is in the brightest part of the flashlight’s beam when optimally focused.

area the light covers Distance / Range

It indicates how far the beam shines, that is, the maximum area that can be illuminated.

Flood: refers to the area illuminated by a light.

Throw: refers to the distance the beam travels to still effectively illuminate an object.

Run Time

A test of how long the flashlight will continuously operate before it drop to 10% of the rated output.

Water Resistance

Rated with IPX system. Water resistance is important when using your light in case of any emergency under the the rain.

After considering the above factors, you may have a rough idea about how to purchase an amazing light for your camping life.

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