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Teclast H30 smart band function troubleshooting guide

ByZim Watson 2017-06-26 4245

A comprehensive guide to troubleshoot all the Teclast H30 smart wristband function problems, including notifications, language, data sync, heart rate detection, pedometer problems, etc.

Teclast H30 smart band

If you haven't stored the caller's name, the band won's show the name. Please save the phone number and the caller's name into your phone contact.

The app only supports to show Chinese and English two languages, so if the saved name is in other language, the band cannot show it out as well.

The band only supports to show two languages - Chinese and English.

The shown caller's name is same as the name saved in your phone contact, you can change the caller's name in English.

If you have changed the caller's name as English, but the band still shows the Chinese, please reboot the band.

How long a battery can work actually depends on how the users use. If you open all the functions of the band and open the Bluetooth/connect to the phone all the time, sure the battery consumes very fast that cannot be used for a long time even after a full charge. Also, if the band screen always lights, it will speed up the power consumption, too.

If you have just used this band for several times, you'd better charge it when the battery only leaves 10% power, and please charge it for at least 2 to 3 hours to activate it.

Also, to prevent the battery consuming too fast, you can shut off the functions you rarely use, and only launch them when needed.

However, if you have eliminated the above reasons and tried the mentioned solutions, but the problem persists, the only reason must be the band's battery or hardware is broken. Please contact the after-sales service for help.

This band is not waterproof, so please avoid it to get wet or dip in the water. If the band has got wet and doesn't work anymore, please contact the after-sales service for help.

The reasons can be multiple and complicated, you can try the following methods:

Check whether your finger is wet or not, dry it and try to touch again.

The personal touching habit will also affect the performance. Do not fast touch the screen too many times, giving some time to allow the screen to respond to your operation.

Unpair the band with your phone, uninstall the Tsports (台电运动) app, and then re-install the app and pair the band with your phone again.

(The connection method: Teclast H30 smart wristband & phone connection guide)

If the band has dropped into water before, dry it and wait until the inside is dried as well. Then check whether the screen response becomes quick.

If all the above methods are invalid, it must be a component matter or OS error. Contact the after-sale service and send it back to the factory for a repair.

Try to disconnect the band from the app and then rebind them again.

Upgrade the band's firmware in the app. (The update operation is in this post: Teclast H30 smart wristband boot, charge & screen issues)

Uninstall the app then re-install it again, and connect the band to the app to check whether the problem disappears.

The band step calculation/pedometer feature works based on the Teclast band software algorithm. The arm waving gesture, step stride, body gesture, road surface evenness, and road gradient could affect the pedometer result.

So even you are sitting, but you wave your arms or hands frequently, the pedometer may calculate the behaviors as steps. But if you are sleeping, but the pedometer still could detect steps, the might be something wrong with the hardware or OS. You can try the solutions below:

Turn off then turn on the Bluetooth and reconnect the band to the phone.

Update your band's firmware.

The final way is to contact the after-sale service for help if all above methods cannot solve this issue.

Maybe your phone installed safety app or management app has restricted the Tsports app program. You can enter the safety app or management app setting to check, if yes, simply add the Tsports app to the white list.

If the above way doesn't work, maybe the app has some bugs or has been damaged. Uninstall it and then download it to install it again. The problem should disappear.

Generally, when you log in the app account, once the band connects to the app, all the band data will sync to the app automatically. If not, you can tap the sync button in the My interface to sync the data manually.

sync Teclast H30 smart band's data to phone

If both the way cannot sync the band data to the phone:

Maybe you haven't logged in the account. Please log in the app account first.

Alternatively, the app program is damaged. Uninstall it and then reinstall it and connect the band and app to have a try again.

If none of the solutions work, maybe the band has something wrong. Please contact the after-sales service for help.

The correct way to heart rate feature: Well wear the band on your wrist, make the heart rate detection sensor touch your skin, switch to heart rate detecting feature on the band, wait for a while allowing the band to detect your heart rate.

Teclast H30 smart band's heart rate detection function

If the feature doesn't work, follow the below steps:

Do not move, keep still when detecting your heart rate.

Unpair the band with your phone and then pair them again.

Connect the band with your phone and then launch the Mi Fit application, if there is any Mi Band 2 firmware update, it will update automatically. If there is no update notification, uninstall the App and re-install it to exclude the update issue.

If all the above ways cannot solve this problem, check whether there is green light lighting on the back of the band body when you switch to heart rate detection feature on the band. If not, that must be a sensor problem. Contact the after-sales service for further help.

green light of Teclast H30 smart band

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