The EASY way to get GPS navigation on YOUR smartphone

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GPS navigation is literally a time-saver and can even be a life-saver. GPS refers to a device that is capable of receiving information from GPS satellites and then to accurately calculate its geographical location.

Well, okay, that maybe sounds a little complex and professional. Good thing you own a smartphone to do the heavy lifting for you!

smartphone with GPS function

The powerful of smartphone GPS navigation

GPS navigation is easy for a smartphone in daily life: friends cycling outside, drivers part-timing on Uber, and more.

You can use your smartphone to get GPS navigation complete with satellite tracking to help you on important trips. Mobile GPS is offered by a variety of vendors giving you the option to choose the service with amenities that best suit you.

In order to take advantage of GPS services on your phone, you must have a data plan with your service provider. Advanced GPS programs are available for a fee, but many free apps also exist.

smartphone for navigation

Finding and using a GPS app for your phone

  ♦ Browse the main menu on your smartphone for the icon labeled "Applications"

  ♦ Click on this icon

  ♦ Type "GPS" into the search bar. A list of GPS applications will appear

Some may require a service subscription, plus a fee to download.

However, you can also find a "Maps" app that offers directions as a feature rather than a main function. These apps are typically free; you can identify your position on the map using satellite tech.

  ♦ Click "Download" then "OK" when prompted

  ♦ Wait for the download to complete

  ♦ The GPS program will be added to the desktop of your smart phone

Set up your GPS by entering your current location and a list of favorites under the "Settings" menu of your new application.

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