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The harm and source of Blu-ray

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-16 5824

With more and more electronic products coming into our daily life, the word Blu-ray has quietly entered the scope of our discussion. What harm does Blu-ray have to the human body? What are the main sources of Blu-ray? Let's talk about it.

The harm of Blu-ray

The harm of Blu-ray to the human eye is mainly manifested in the damage of eye pathology and human rhythm caused by myopia, cataract and macular lesions.

1. Damage structure

Harmful Blu-ray has extremely high energy and can penetrate the lens to the retina, causing atrophy and even death of retinal pigment epithelial cells. The death of light-sensitive cells can lead to loss of vision, which is irreversible. Blu-ray can also cause macular lesions. In human eyes, the lens absorbs part of the Blu-ray to form cataracts, and most of the Blu-ray penetrates the lens, especially in children, the lens is clearer and cannot effectively resist the Blu-ray. As a result, macular lesions and cataracts are more likely to occur.

 the blue light damage eye structure

2. Asthenopia

Due to the short wavelength of Blu-ray, the focal point is not in the center of the retina, but in the front of the retina. If you want to see clearly, the eyeball will be in a tense state for a long time, causing visual fatigue. Long period of visual fatigue may lead to the deepening of myopia, the appearance of diplopia, the easy serial reading, the inability to concentrate attention and so on, which may affect people's study and work efficiency.

the blue light lead to Asthenopia 

3. Not sleeping well

Blu-ray inhibits melatonin, an important hormone that affects sleep, and is known to promote sleep and regulate jet lag. This also explains why playing with mobile phones or tablets before bedtime can cause poor sleep quality or even difficulty falling asleep.

the blue light lead to not sleeping well 

The source of Blu-ray

Blu-ray is abundant in computer display, fluorescent lamp, mobile phone, and digital product, display screen, led and so on. The Blu-ray in this wavelength can increase the amount of macular toxin in the eyes, which is a serious threat to the health of our eyes.

Blu-ray can be seen everywhere in daily life, but the harmful Blu-ray comes from led LCD screen. Now the LCD screen is using the led backlight. Because the backlight needs white light, the industry uses blue led and yellow phosphors to form white light. Because the blue led is a main hardware, the blue spectrum in this white light has a wave peak, which causes what we call harmful Blu-ray damage to the eyes.

Most families choose to watch TV before bedtime; even many people will turn off the lights while watching TV, combined with flashing screen and other factors, resulting in harmful Blu-ray damage to the eyes. And because of the long time spent watching TV, the damage will be even greater. Due to harmful Blu-ray damage to the eyes is cumulative, so the injury of TV Blu-ray to the eyes should be paid enough attention, especially for teenagers and children.

turn off the lights while watching TV 

Human life has been inseparable from the display screen, but also inseparable from television. The main source of harmful Blu-ray is LED liquid crystal screen. The blue led backlight, which is used in it, has formed the problem of harmful Blu-ray injury to the eye and with oiled organic television without harmful blue radiation becoming a new choice.


OLED (organic light-emitting diode), is a display screen technology called Organic Light emitting Diode (OLED). Every pixel point of the screen panel of OLED can self-illuminate independently without backlight. OLED organic luminescence has 331.7 million solid particles, which can automatically emit light. As long as the voltage is input to the electrode, the excitation layer can produce the required color light, and the Blu-ray band is mainly concentrated at the 460nm. The harmful Blu-ray with non-wavelength between 400nm-450nm has little energy and little harm to human eyes.


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