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The most fundamental differences between soft and hard TV screens!

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-20 11246

LCD panel can be divided into hard screen and soft screen by display technology. Soft screen mainly refers to the VA panel, hard screen is known as the IPS panel. The reason why they are divided into hard screen and soft screen is mainly refers to the difference in the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules between the two panels. The size of the cutting is also different.

Definition of Soft screen and hard screen

Soft screen: Also known as the "VA screen", it refers to the LCD panel without using protection shell. The obvious thing is to press your fingers on the TV screen. The image will appear obvious "water ripple" (will automatically disappear). TV manufacturers represented by Samsung and Sharp.

Soft screen: 

Hard screen: A transparent protective shell of resin material is added to the LCD pane. The manufacture is IG. Its IPS hard screen is well known in the LCD television world.

Hard screen 

The differences between soft and hard TV screens:

1. Physical distinction:


The molecular arrangement of IPS hard screen is horizontal. The molecular arrangement of VA soft screen is longitudinal. This distinction is taken advantage of to judge a hard and soft screen by pressing a ripple on the finger. In the case of external force, the molecular structure of hard screen liquid crystal is much stronger and more stable than that of soft screen.

2. Service life:


The service life of an IPS hard screen is typically 70, 000 hours. And the service life of the VA soft screen is 60, 000 hours. (Screens are designed for theoretical life).

3. Picture quality presentation:


From the introduction of the first definitions, we can see that the main difference between a hard screen and a soft screen is whether or not a transparent protective shell is installed. In fact, it has no effect on the quality of the two pictures.

4. Performance difference:


By contrast, the IPS hard screen is equipped with a protective shell. It is more protective against the screen. While the heat dissipation performance of VA soft screen is stronger. It is worth mentioning that due to the maturity of production technology, the production technology of soft and hard screens is becoming more and more perfect. Problems such as light leakage (hard screen) and color distortion (soft screen) have been solved.


The quality of the screen can be distinguished by resolution, color number, panel grade. There is no reference for a simple degree of softness.


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