The Quadcopter FAQs - blades, motor, transmitter

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The quadcopter is increasingly popular in recent years, here, we have listed several representative problems of it. Before or after you buy one, you can check some annoying problems of it at here, we provided a perfect solution for you.

Q: Why even though all blades spin, the quadcopter still cannot flip/rotate/take off?

1. Battery power is insufficient, recharge the battery.

2. Check whether the blades are installed correctly.

Q: Why one of the blades does not spin?

1. Check the tightness of the blades.

2. Remove the blade that does not spin to see if the motor is working properly.

3. If the motor does not work, check whether the motor gear is connected properly.

4. Remove the body shell, check if the motor cable is connected to the mainboard appropriately.

Q: How to judge the steering of a motor?

1. Usually, motor with red and blue wires is usually a forward motor, while the reversed motor presents black and white wires; Diagonal direction motors have the same steering, adjacent motors have opposite steering.

2. On the motor surface sometimes you can find CW or CCW. CW stands for forward motor, while CCW refers to reversed motor.

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Q: How to distinguish the steering of a blade?

Blades are usually marked with A , B or R; A refers to forward blade, B means inverted blade. Blades with R mark are forward blades, inverted blades are without R mark.

Diagonal direction blades have the same steering, adjacent blades have opposite steering.

Q: Why one of the blades spin slower than others?

1. Check the tightness of the blades.

2. Adjust the trim key.

3. Re-modulate the frequency, the quadcopter must be put on a flat ground.

4. Re-calibrate gyroscope.

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one blade spins slower than others

Q: How to bind the quadcopter and the transmitter?

First turn on the quadcopter power switch, place it on a horizontal position, then turn on the transmitter. Push the left throttle lever to the highest position, and then pull it back to the lowest position.

You will hear a clear "di, di" sound and the indicator light will stop flashing and just stay lit, meaning the frequency adjustment is completed and your quadcopter is ready to take off.

Q: Why the indicator light of the quadcopter is flashing?

1. The quadcopter is not bind to the transmitter correctly, please refer to the user manual to re-modulate the frequency.

2. Battery power is insufficient, recharge the battery.

Q: Why the indication light of the transmitter is flashing?

Battery power is insufficient, please charge the battery, or replace with a fully charged battery.

Q: Why the transmitter has no reaction when operated?

1. Check and make sure that the batteries are installed by the right polarity.

2. Battery power is insufficient, please full charge the battery, or replace with a full charge battery.

Q: Why the voltage of single battery cell is lower?

Single battery cell voltage imbalance is a normal phenomenon. Large current discharge will usually lead to voltage difference. This may be caused by poor contact between battery and charger, and the customer should adopt balance charge mode to charge the battery.


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