This is the new posture for correct brushing!

BySteve Lowry 2018-11-11 2899

Can you brush your teeth properly? In fact, 99% of us do it in the wrong way. Today we'll introduce you a correctly teeth brushing method.

We all brush at least twice a day, and we're used to brushing our teeth vertically to avoid damaging our enamel, but many of us, myself included, have been doing so for decades, and our teeth are still getting worse. In addition to old and dental caries, the main reason is that the tooth stains are not removed by brushing the teeth vertically, dental plaque calcification forms dental calculus, tooth calculus causes gingival atrophy, and the teeth naturally become worse.


To address this problem, the American dental association recommends a more accurate method of brushing your teeth -- The Bass Method. This method of brushing can effectively remove the plaque at the connection between the tooth root and the gums, and massage the gums properly to avoid and alleviate a series of periodontal diseases caused by dental plaque.

The bass method


Brief introduction to the Bass method:

1. The brush head and the root contact surface are maintained at a 45 degree angle;


2. The bristles point in the direction of the root of the teeth and a slight pressure causes the bristles to enter the sulcus;


3. two or three teeth horizontally vibrate the toothbrush 4~6 times, then gently brush longitudinally from the root to the tip of the tooth;


4. each brushing time is not less than three minutes.



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