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Three most important items of hiking equipment you need to know!

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Nowadays, many people choose to travel when they are free. In addition to self-driving tour, hiking has been liked by many people. It allows us to better appreciate the outdoor scenery.What kind of hiking equipment do people need to equip when traveling? Here briefly introduce you some important items of hiking equipment.

 Hiking travel

Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes is one of the most important hiking equipment, which care for our feet and accompany us around the world. So choosing the right pair of hiking shoes is half the battle.

Hiking shoes 

A pair of standard walking shoes can protect you in a complex outdoor environment.

How to choose hiking shoes?

● Try to find shoes with clear lines on the soles to prevent slippery

● The upper part of the climbing shoe is raised and fitted with a sturdy front and rear bumper to pr
otect the toes and heel.

● Select waterproof fabric. Going out on foot if early, will touch dew.

● Lightweight hiking shoes allow you to reduce the weight of your feet while walking, making hiking easier.

2. The backpack

The backpack is one of the most important pieces of equipment during the hike, and it can load all of our equipment effectively.

And the right backpack helps reduce the strain of walking, reduces risk, and allows us to fully experience the charm of wilderness.


How to choose a suitable backpack?

● Strong and durable cloth. For example, the nylon is of excellent durability and light texture, so don't worry if you encounter some thorns while hiking.

● Carry system. The carrying system has shoulder belt, frame, waist pad, belt, backboard and related straps to transfer the effective weight of the backpack to the waist as much as possible, and distribute the remaining weight to the shoulder and back reasonably to avoid a concentrated force.

● Rain-proof cover. The backpack has a built-in rainproof cover, which is detachable, waterproof and moisture-proof.

3. The sticks

The alpenstock brings more than convenience, it also brings safety. Alpenstock not only helps your feet and reduces knee injuries; it can also be a way to avoid some outdoor hazards.

the alpenstock 

How to choose the right one?

● Wrist strap: it's best to be soft, with some flexibility. Can be easily adjusted to the required firmness, not easy to fall off.

● Karabiner: make sure the size and shape match your hand, whether you're wearing gloves or not.

● Material for handles: the material for the handles should be easy for you to master.

A stick with a cork and Styrofoam handle is usually the first choice for hikers who are prone to sweating on their palms or often on rainy days, as these materials have better friction even when wet.

The rubber handle makes it slippery, but it feels good. Handles made of plastic and wood are usually slippery and don't feel particularly good, but are durable and strong.

●​ Length: the more adjustable your alpenstock, the more benefits it will bring to you. When going down the mountain, it can be longer. It can be shorter when climbing the hill. The hill; When not in use, you can shrink it to a shorter length and attach it to your backpack.

4. Other useful equipment

Following are some useful hiking equipments when traveling.

Quick-drying T

When hiking, wear a quick-drying T in the inside, which can effectively transfer the sweat to the clothes, and evaporate the sweat through the air circulation, so that the body is no longer sticky.

Quick-drying T 

A compass

In the open air, bring a compass to help you find your way out of the awkward situation.

A cutting tool

A sharp multi-purpose saber is the first choice for hiking, and its saw and knife may be the one you use most frequently outdoors. And knives can sometimes be used with medicines, such as a snake bite. If possible, a larger dagger is more reassuring.

A sharp multi-purpose saber 

A whistle

A whistle is an effective tool for connecting with peers when traveling in a group. When alone, a whistle can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

The whole team should have a unified whistle regulation and know some necessary ways of communication, such as two long tones to indicate an emergency. (Note: don't blow randomly.)

A kettle

Bring a water bottle outdoors, convenient and environmentally friendly. On foot, when thirsty, drink a mouthful of warm water, reduce your fatigue feeling, and make the body more comfortable.

A kettle 

Head lamp

Headlights are more convenient than flashlights. In dark night, you can free your hands; leave your hands free to do other things.


Accidents can happen while hiking. Then you need to be prepared and take some common medicines (cold medicine, anti-inflammatories, sunscreen, good fast, berberine, hemostatic bandages, band-aids, vitamin pills, eye drops, safflower...) ), make yourself more comfortable.


Equipment is directly related to our hiking experience. If you can, choose the most comfortable equipment!


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