Tips for flying DJI Mavic Mini in Winter - Intelligent Flight battery care

BySigismondo Eisenhower 2019-11-20 5542

The temperature drops with the winter, and the lithium battery will degrade by the low temperature. To help the users capture the better winter scenery with DJI Mavic Mini, we give you the winter safety flight guide.

flying DJI Mavic Mini in Winter​ 

What are the problems in winter flight?

● Battery activity is reduced and flight time is shortened

● The handling of the flying hand will drop. Without gloves, due to the low temperature, the finger flexibility can't keep up with the response of each rudder; wearing gloves will affect the feel.

● The electronic equipment of the flight control may not work properly.

● The plastic parts of the frame may become brittle and the strength is reduced.

Tips for flying DJI Mavic Mini in Winter

In response to the above questions, we recommend that you take the following measures:

● Make sure DJI Mavic Mini updated to the latest firmware version.

● Be sure to fully charge the battery before flying to ensure that the battery is in a high voltage state.

● Fully preheat the battery to more than 25 degrees to reduce the internal resistance of the battery. It is recommended to use a battery preheater to preheat the battery.

● After taking off, keep the aircraft hovering for about 1 min, let the battery use internal heat to fully preheat it and reduce the internal resistance of the battery.

DJI Mavic Mini Intelligent flight battery FAQ

What is the operating temperature range in winter?

It is recommended that working temperature is among 20 ℃ to 40℃. In extreme cases, ensure that the battery temperature is above 5 degrees, otherwise it will have a great impact on battery life and there is a great potential safety hazard.

How to keep DJI Mavic Mini battery warm?

1. Allow the battery temperature to reach room temperature in a heated room (5 degrees -20 degrees).

2. Turn on the aircraft without heating, until the battery temperature rises above 5 degrees (to prevent accidents, remember not to install the propeller indoors).

3. Turn on the air conditioner in the car to raise the battery temperature to 5 degrees or more, 20 degrees is the best.

Will winter flight time be shorter than other seasons?

Yes, it will probably shorten the time by about 40%. Therefore, the winter flight is recommended to return to the ground when it is 60%. The more remaining power is returned, the safer it is.

How to store the battery in winter?

Please store the battery in the normal temperature and dry place.


In the case of severe low voltage or low power, the aircraft will be forced to land, reminding the users to encounter such a situation, do not panic, but if the throttle stick is kept in the middle position, the aircraft can not hover, everyone In this case, it is actually possible to control the aircraft. In order to avoid crashing caused by severe low battery or low voltage, it is recommended that you push the elevator to the safe zone by pushing the throttle upwards, only in the process even if the throttle stick The biggest, the speed of the aircraft is only 1m / s.

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