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Tips to improve the cleaning performance of your vacuum cleaner

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Do you know how to improve the cleaning performance of you cleaning robot? Here are several tips for you to make the cleaner works like new.

Dropping dust / dirt while cleaning

Check whether the dust bin is full. You should empty the dust bin before every use, to ensure better airflow and efficient cleaning.

vacuum cleaner drop dust while cleaning

How to put the dust bin into the robot?

Take out the mop cloth holder - put the dust box in the robot - put away the handle - close the surface cover

When should I replace the HEPA filter?

This depends on the frequency of use and the cleanliness of the filter. The HEPA filter is generally replaced every two-three weeks. If it is not dirty, it can be replaced every six to eight weeks.

Check whether the HEPA filter is dirty / clogged. If so, suction power is reduced. Please remove the HEPA filter, and clean it with warm water, then place it back in the filter slot. If the HEPA filter is over 6 months, you’d better replace it with a new one.

replace HEPA filter

Remember to:

Fully charge the robot, when the power of new robot is insufficient, and suction power is weak.

● Pick up large items and keep the area to be cleaned open.

● Clean side brushes, bristle brushes and sensors regularly.

use robot vacuum cleaner to clean your home

Flick dust / debris around

The side brushes, which are designed to pull dust / debris toward the vacuum intake, will sometimes flick dust / debris away. This is normal, and they will be cleaned in subsequent passes by the robot.

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