Troubleshoot Bluboo Picasso smartphone camera problems

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The Bluboo Picasso 3G smartphone camera cannot focus? Your Bluboo Picasso gets blurry images? Or the Bluboo smartphone camera not working? This FAQ post will solve your problems.

solve Bluboo Picasso camera problems

● There is a protective film on the camera or has dirty spots on the lens.

● The targeted person or object is out of its focus range.

● Shutter speed is slow, you moved the phone camera once you have pressed the shutter. Wait for a while until the camera shoot picture completely, then you can move your phone.

● You have installed the app like phone theme app or screen brightness adjustment app which results in the camera can't focus. Therefore, uninstall the app to check if the camera back to normal.

● Try resetting your camera: System settings - Appliance - Camera - Restore default settings - OK.

If previous methods don't help, go to the local fixing store to repair the Bluboo Picasso, or return the device to the seller to solve the problem.

Reboot phone is a common solution for most phone problems. If the front camera doesn't work after restarting, try the followings:

● If you using third-party camera app, maybe the app is incompatible with your Bluboo Picasso, or the app may disable the camera. Thus, remove the camera app and use the camera appliance comes with your phone.

● It's too much cache on your phone. Go to system settings - apps - camera - clear data, then restart the phablet and check the camera.

● Backup the data on your phone (contact, message, media files, etc.), then factory reset your phone.

If all solutions don't help, maybe the phone's hardware has something wrong, go to a professional phone fixing shop to repair your phone or contact the seller for help.

Software reading error may cause phone takes upside down photos. Press and hold the power button to restart the phone and check its camera later. If it doesn't help, the phone camera's hardware is broken, you should better contact the aftersale service to fix your Bluboo Picasso smartphone.

● System reading error makes the cameras not working. Press and hold the power button until options appear on screen, select "Reboot" to restart the phone.

● The phone runs many programs in its background. Just close the hardly used programs to enable the cameras.

● You have rooted the phone. In such situation, just delete the root software or revoke root right.

● There is not enough memory to save pictures. Empty your SD card or change another larger capacity SD card.

● You installed the shooting app wrongly or the app has error during updating, which causes you cannot use the camera. Uninstall the camera app, then try to take a photo again.

If above methods do not help, maybe the phone cameras are damaged, please contact the seller to solve the problem.

For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Bluboo Picasso 3G smartphone from us and still has problem, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible.

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