Troubleshooting Guide | Fix Common UMI Super Phablet issues

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The UMI Super 4G phablet is one of our bestselling phablets here at Gearbest. A powerful feature set paired with an affordable price has made it an Android essential.

To help owners get the most out of their powerhouse device, we've compiled a handy FAQ that covers some intermittent technical issues together with their solutions.

UMI Super phablet troubleshooting guide

UMI Super phablet GPS problems

Along with the previous issues, we received many questions regarding the UMI Super phablet GPS functionality. We have grouped the most frequently asked into 3 sections to help you to troubleshoot.

Generally speaking, you need to reset the GPS on your phone and/or reboot the phone in this case:

Method 1:

Go to the phone settings to confirm whether GPS is available (settings - GPS - high accuracy positioning - on). If there is no "high accuracy positioning" and "device only" options, that means there is no GPS module installed on this phone – it only can be used for simple network positioning under Wi-Fi or cellular data network.

Method 2:

Restart the GPS "high accuracy positioning" function. The GPS positioning confirmation will appear, click "Yes" and GPS can be used as normal. If the GPS positioning confirmation doesn't appear, try to restart GPS several more times or reboot your phone.

Method 3:

If GPS has already been opened but fails to lock your location, try using the GPS in a more open space with less obstructions and try again.

Method 4:

If none of the methods are successful, there may a device hardware fault. Contact the aftersales service and send your phone in for repair.

Firstly, confirm that the immediate location and weather permit a clear positioning lock in your area. Go to settings - location - locating mode - precise locating, and make sure to choose "Agree" when the GPS confirmation appears.

Method 1:

Test the GPS hardware with navigation apps, such as Google Maps or Baidu Map, to fully verify whether GPS authorization has been granted.

Method 2:

Test the GPS by using specialist apps such as GPS Plus or Z-DeviceTest. If the results are abnormal, then there is a GPS module problem. Please contact the aftersales service to resolve this issue.

This is most likely caused by your phone network signal not being stable.

Please first check if your phone network signal is actually stable. If it is, there may be something wrong with the internal GPS hardware, contact the aftersales service for assistance. However, if the network signal is not stable, intermittent GPS performance might be caused by some type of network signal problem(s) instead. Try to find a stable signal location and re-try GPS.

Other problems

Under normal conditions, these issues shouldn't occur:

Your phone screen might have been damaged during shipping. If the problem(s) persist and affects the phone's usability, please contact the aftersales service to replace the phone screen.

This can occur if either your fingerprint wasn't recorded correctly or your fingers have some residue that affects fingerprint recognition.

Ensure your fingers are clean and register your fingerprint correctly. If your phone is still unable to recognize the fingerprint, the fingerprint sensor may be damaged; please contact the aftersales service to examine and (if required) repair your phone.

The camera lens/sensor may have become loose or damaged, contact the aftersales service for further assistance.

There are a number of reasons why this may occur:

• The output of the power adapter is too high for the phone, try using an adapter with a lower output; we recommend using the original that was supplied with the phone.

• The battery has been used for a long time, which causes battery senescent and hot, try to change a new battery.

• The phone can become hot if there are too many apps running in the background while charging, try to avoid using your phone while charging and close all background apps.

• WARNING: If your UMI Super phablet is seriously overheating with the battery bulging while charging, then this is a very serious issue. Please stop charging immediately and contact the aftersales service to arrange a return (RMA) and factory repair.

The most likely reason is your hand has blocked the light sensor. Go to recent calls - menu - setting - answering state - disable the distance sensor. If this still doesn't work, follow these steps to check if the proximity sensor hardware is faulty.

• Check whether your screen protector has blocked the proximity sensor; if it has, carefully create a small hole to remove the obstruction.

• Third party phone apps may be affecting your incoming calls. Backup your phone data before wiping the data and cache partition.

• If these methods do not resolve the issue, contact aftersales service to arrange for them to check the proximity sensor hardware and wiring.

This can be caused as a result of an incompatible video player app. We recommend the following steps:

• Change to other video player apps and see if the problem still persists; if your videos can be played on other apps, the first app is incompatible and should be uninstalled.

• If the other apps still trigger a phone reboot, there may be a fault with your phone's hardware, please contact aftersales for technical support.

Don't worry! These problems are typically due to your power adapter, USB cable, or battery; please try the following methods:

• Charge your phone using the original power adapter and USB cable.

• Charge using alternating current (AC) power.

• Do not wait until your battery has fully drained, charge it in low power mode.

• Check if USB debugging is on. Insufficient power can also cause the computer connection to fail; if you're using a desktop, try connecting the USB port into a USB connector at the desktop's rear.

• Try using another USB cable to charge the phone.

• Your battery is probably fully drained. Charge your phone for at least 10 minutes and then power on again.

• If your device cannot power on after this time, this suggests a phone/battery fault, please contact aftersales service to arrange a product return and repair.

There are potentially many causes, so please try the following fixes:

• Ensure the original phone protector film has been removed.

• If you are wearing earphones with a mic while speaking, the earphones may be faulty.

• Try increasing the volume, if they are still unable to hear you, the phone receiver may be faulty.

• Go to another location and call to check whether it’s a network signal problem.

• If this call is made by you, the other person’s phone might have an issue, call the same number using another phone and compare the result.

• Change to another SIM card and call again.

• If all of the above methods do not resolve the issue, your phone might require a repair.

UMI Super phablet GPS problems

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