Troubleshooting: one blade does not spin as fast as others

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When trying to fly, sometimes one of your blades does not spin as fast as others. Actually this is not a big issue. This quick guide will teach you how to troubleshoot this flight problem step-by-step.

RC quadcopter blade trouble

1. Check the propeller

Check the tightness of the slower spinning blade by removing it and put it back on, it's likely that the blades are installed too tight or loose and this may jam the motor. Then restart the drone and remote control; If it still has problems, just change a spare blade.

2. Re-initialize gyros

You maybe don't know the importance of initializing your gyros, this could be the cause of your problem - one blade spins slower than others.

To initialize gyros, remember to put the drone on a flat surface, and once initialized, let the drone remain motionless for about ten seconds. This lets the gyro initialize and set to the level surface.

3. Bind the drone and transmitter again

After the gyros have initialized, you should bind the drone and transmitter. The drone should be placed on a flat place and the binding process should be quick and please avoid doing any other operation.

bind drone with its transmitter again<!-- -->

4. Trim

Motor output power controls the speed of motors. Trimming can balance the motor output power and make the drone achieve a steady flight, so using the trim function can also solve this problem.

5. Check the motor

Check whether the motor is making a good connection to the gear for that propeller, then check the motor shaft, check if under the prop there is any hidden hair or small particle to remove.

If all the above methods cannot solve the problem, then the slower spinning motor should be replaced.


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