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Troubleshooting: Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is not charging

ByFelicity Rosa 2017-05-04 21335

What? Your Xiaomi Mi Band 1S fitness tracker is not charging. Effective fixes are prepared for you!

The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is really a good budget heart rate fitness tracker. It can keep tracking your activities like sporting, exercising, sleeping, and etc., managing your motions every second to simulate you into moving or exercising more and take good care of you.

However, a pesky issue does bother some of the owners - Mi Band battery is not charging after a long time using. Some dirt may enter the connectors of a sensor and/or the pins of USB cable - these pins will pass the electricity from the Mi Band 1S charger to the sensor. For example, if you use the Mi Band a lot while showering, the shower foam, soap, and oil will go into the wristband, even the 2 pins of the sensor. And the charger will remain the dirt in the air day by day that you can see. Moreover, some dirt is not visible to the naked eye. Right here, we sum up three effective ways to going to solve the battery charging issue.

Mi Band battery is not charging

First of all, ensure that you have charged the Mi Band properly.

(1). When the 3 LEDs flash red lights intermittently, meant that Mi Band has low battery and need to charge. Just take the sensor from the bracelet.

(2). Put it in the USB charging cable right way round (no gap).

(3). Connect to a charger or powered USB port (DC 5V) like your computer, PC, etc.

WARNING: Do not charge with your power bank because the current of the fitness tracker is too small (input current: 25mA (TYP) and the power bank cannot even detect it.

(4).The Mi Band will flash when charging. Wait until you see 3 solid LED lights - meaning that it's fully charged. Unplug it to finish charging.

Method 1:

● Use a soft cloth like your shirt or whatever else to clean the two connectors up. No using your hand, because it will remove the dirt but leave some moisture or some fat or oil from your skin.

Use a soft cloth to clean the two connectors

● Do the same with the USB cable. Just make sure that everything is clean. And then reconnect the cable and sensor, ensuring that there is no gap between them.

Method 2:

● To fix it, we need some water and a cotton swab, dip one end of the swab in water while keeping the other end dry.

clean Mi Band 1S two connectors

● Once it's wet, we are going to wipe them as hard as we can to clean the two connectors completely. Don't worry, Mi Band 1S is a solid device, so they're not going to get broken.

● Once the connectors are clean, we are going to use the same way to clean the two pins on the charge.

● Make sure they are squeaky clean. And then use the dry end of the cotton swab to remove the water of the charger and the fitness tracker.

WARNING: Try not to touch the pins with your finger because that can leave oil or dirt on it.

Once the wristband is clean, it's time to test it. We connect and go all the way in. There shouldn't be any empty space between the Band and the charger pins. Finally, wait until you are seeing 3 solid LED lights, the charging is finished.

Method 3:

The smart wristband may get into a worse situation - the charger contacts and sensor pins have been oxidized. To solve this, we need a cotton swab, some anhydrous alcohol or just simply a blade. Take former for example:

Mi Band 1S' pins is oxidized

● Dip the Q-tip with some anhydrous alcohol, carefully scrub the sensor pins.

● Then, we are going to clean the USB cable contacts in the same way.

● Last but not least, before trying to charge again, be patient to wait for a few minutes till the alcohol is volatile.

Both above methods are just ensuring that everything is clean but using different tools. Try the suitable one for you. Besides, we can plug and unplug the band from your computer's USB port several times if it doesn't start charging within 10 seconds. If that fails, leave it there for a couple of hours and see if it starts charging. Hope it helps, and enjoy your healthy life!

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