Use a 3D printing pen, make your own amazing artwork

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A 3D printing pen is like a handheld 3D printer. It uses the same kind of heating element and extruder of desktop 3D printers.

Do you want to make a stencil out of your imagine? Try 3D printing pens!

3D printing pen introduction

A 3D printing pen (also called 3D printer pen) is like a handheld 3D printer. It uses the same kind of heating element and extruder of desktop 3D printers. However, instead of being controlled by computer software and motors, a 3D printing pen is controlled by you, by your hands! It works by heating a plastic filament to its melting point and forcing it through an extruder tip.

This is very similar to how a hot glue gun works. The melted plastic is very soft and can be fused onto a surface or worked into any shape you want. Once the melted plastic leaves the tip, it begins to cool down quickly. After a few seconds, the plastic hardens and holds whatever shape you have fabricated.

These pens are widely applicable. They allow you to draw with plastic effectively so you can work the plastic into just about any shape and apply it to most surfaces. You can use it to add raised decorative details to everyday objects. With practice, you can even make 3D drawings in empty space. These pens can also be used to modify and repair other 3D printed objects.

use 3D printing pen

How to use a 3D printing pen in 5 steps?

Step 1. Plug in power adapter and turn it on.

Step 2. Set up your pen. Select a filament and make sure your pen is compatible with this kind of filament.

Step 3. Set the temperature. If your pen is designed to work with different filaments, select the temperature setting that is proper for the filament used. Then wait for the pen to heat up - for most models, there is an indicator light that tells you when the temperature is high enough.

Step 4. Insert the filament by sliding it into the filament input port. Once the filament is well set, press the extrude button. Right in this moment, you may feel the internal motor start to pull on the filament.

Step 5. Set the speed. By pressing the extrude button until the melted filament starts to come out of the tip of the pen, you can adjust the speed setting according to what and how you are printing.

These are the basic instructions. Of course every pen has its own charateristics, but the working principle is the same. Let your creativity flow!

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