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Everyone loves a deal, but it's finding them that's often the problem. Even with massive promotions such as Black Friday or Christmas, catching all the discounts from Google Play tends to be a major challenge.

Even the recommended apps on the main Google Play banner doesn't make it easy to find the best discounts and savings.

Fortunately, we have the answer: AppSales!

This makes scoring even top app discounts effortless.

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How does it work?

AppSales can help you discover a vast number of discounted apps that you want. The interface is deliberately minimalist to make bargain hunting easy. There are just three options:

    ◆ SALES



"SALES" and "PRICE RADAR" aim to push important app promotion notifications to you. Though both focus on recommendations, the "SALES" area mainly focuses on detecting and pushing real-time promotions, while the  "PRICE RADAR" focuses on pushing the biggest discounts on app promotions.


What's immediately noticeable is that AppSales doesn't offer the traditional search bar on the main interface.

If you want to search for a specific app to check whether it currently has a discount, you can enter the "WATCHLIST" area and use the search bar there.

Click the searched app: you can view the app's current price, the lowest price historically, and the actual price curve over time. You can then add it to your Favorites List, so you can view it immediately every time you use AppSales.


The Setting also includes an advanced discount filter:

    ◆ Price sort from lowest to highest discount (and vice versa)

    ◆ Category selection

    ◆ Notification controls

Don't want to pay anything? No problem! There's a "Now Free" option on the main drop down menu located on the top left. Just check it if you want some free apps.

free apps in APPSales    

AppSales also provides a special paid subscription feature including more advanced price history tracking, removing advertising, enhanced app list management (up to 100), etc. But the powerful is still awesome whether you opt to subscribe or not!

Sound good? You can scan this QR code to download AppSales and save a fortune:

scan QR code to download APPSales


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