Watch fix guide: 5 secrets about wrong time problem

ByAdeline Belluz 2019-06-17 3493

For many people, if the watch they have been wearing is suddenly have wrong time, their hearts should be broken. The accuracy of the watch varies according to the movement type of the watch, such as quartz watch, mechanical watch and electronic watch. So what are the reasons that affect the timing of your watch? Here are a few common reasons to help you sort out.


Reasonable time error about kinds of watch

The reasonable error of the quartz watch can be about 15 seconds per month, while that of the observatory in the mechanical watch is about 10 seconds, the error of the Swiss daily watch is less than 15 seconds, and the domestic watch is less than 30 seconds, if it is normal in this range. In addition, the error of watches, regardless of the price is expensive and cheap, authentic watches should be within a reasonable range, hundreds of thousands of Patek Philippe do not necessarily have thousands of watches to go at the right time.

The reason that affects watch time

The accuracy of a watch, from the external effects of the clock, depending on the working environment of the clock, high-grade watches usually have: shockproof design, waterproof design, anti-magnetic design, additional protection shell design and so on.

1. Insufficient battery capacity.

This problem often occurs on quartz watches, the direction of quartz meters is determined by the quartz crystal oscillator, and this quartz crystal oscillator is through the battery to release power and movement, if the quartz watch suddenly found that slow, is likely to be caused by insufficient battery energy, you can send the watch to the special repair point to test the amount of electricity and replace the battery, remember, be sure to replace the brand battery.

The way to judge the quantity of quartz meter is as follows:

Three-pin (or with a second hand) quartz watch basically has a battery life indication function, when the battery capacity is about to run out, the voltage begins to drop, the second hand will pause for 4 seconds, and then quickly jump 4 seconds of walking state, (the early watch is a pause of 2 seconds, and then a rapid jump of 2 seconds walking state) this function is called E.O.L. When this happens, the battery must be replaced in time, during which the watch will last for about a week to half a month.

2.Insufficient power storage for mechanical watches.

This problem will arise on mechanical watches, such as automatic mechanical watches, recall whether or not to wear enough exercise, such as long sitting, long use of the watch, etc., will lead to insufficient winding of the automatic mechanical watch; manual mechanical watches can check the power storage period of the machine heart, if necessary, you can immediately manually replenish the winding. Check whether the walking stop is due to lack of power, whether it is hand motivation or automaton heart can be wound up manually for five laps to see if the travel time is back to normal.

3. The watch heart is magnetized.

In daily life, mobile phones, televisions, magnetic cards, computers and other technologies that have been heavily relied on by life have magnetic fields. There is a part in the mechanical watch called the hairspring, which is the most magnetized. After the hairspring is magnetized, it will stick between the filaments, light will image the accuracy of the watch, and heavy will stop. If you are magnetized, you must find a watch repairman to use a professional demagnetization instrument to demagnetize the watch in order to restore the normal walking time of the watch. After demagnetization, it will not have any effect on the quality of the watch.

4. Need for reasonable maintenance and cleaning.

Whether it is a quartz watch or a mechanical watch, it should be maintained on schedule. The more high-end the watch, the more it needs to be maintained. In general, the mechanical watch is due to the wear and aging of the internal parts caused by the drying of the movement oil, which will cause fatal damage to the movement for a long time; another kind of situation is that the oil scale of the movement can not be cleaned in time, which leads to the aging or even rust of the movement parts. The appearance of the watch must also be often clean, because sweat stains are seriously corrosive, sweat stains and dirt mixed, for a long time will cause great damage to the watch coating, or even peeling off. Movement maintenance needs to go to professional after-sales stores, and the appearance of their own clean can be done.

5. Subjected to a severe impact or temperature.

Whether it is quartz watches, electronic watches or mechanical watches, the internal structure of the movement is very complex and fine parts are spliced together, such as less severe impact will cause damage to the mechanical parts. If it is not a professional watch, such as golf, bowling, table tennis and other sports will be drunk watch to do some harm. There are also some environmental temperature effects, the impact of the wearer's use habits may lead to an increase in travel time error.

The influence of temperature is mainly manifested in two aspects: first, the change of temperature will affect the working length of the hairspring, and at the same time change the inertia of the pendulum wheel, which can directly affect the timing accuracy; secondly, the change of temperature will affect the viscosity of lubricating oil and the transmission efficiency, thus affecting the timing. Clock repairmen can be advised to use moving speed needle temperature compensation.

At this point, can you know why your favorite watch is not at the right time?

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