What are the advantages and disadvantages of frequency conversion air conditioner

ByAbram Eschbach 2020-01-04 2237

Nowadays, when it comes to frequency conversion air conditioning, I believe we are no stranger to it. Frequency conversion air conditioning has been recognized by the majority of consumers because it is more energy-saving and power-saving, but some people who do not understand frequency conversion air conditioning will ask, is frequency conversion air conditioning good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of frequency conversion air conditioners? The post will give you an answer one by one. Let's take a look.

Advantages of variable Frequency Air Conditioner  

1. Energy saving

The frequency conversion air conditioner is equipped with a frequency converter, which adjusts the running speed of the compressor, the heart of the air conditioner, at any time, so as to achieve the rational use of energy; because its compressor will not be opened frequently, it will keep the compressor in a stable working state. this can achieve an overall energy saving effect of more than 30%. Therefore, it plays an obvious role in reducing noise and prolonging the service life of air conditioners.

2. Low noise

Through the point, we know that due to the balanced operation of the frequency conversion air conditioner, the vibration is reduced, so the noise is also reduced.

3. High temperature control precision

The variable frequency air conditioner can control the cooling (heat) of the air conditioner by changing the speed of the compressor. The amount of cooling (heat) varies in a range, so the indoor temperature control can be accurate to ±1 ℃, making the human body feel very comfortable.

4. Temperature regulation speed

When there is a big difference between the room temperature and the withering temperature, as soon as the frequency conversion air conditioner is turned on, it works with the power of the frequency conversion air conditioner, which makes the room temperature rise or fall to the set temperature rapidly, and the cooling (heat) effect is obvious.

5. Low voltage requirements

The frequency conversion air conditioner has strong adaptability to the voltage, and some frequency conversion air conditioners can even start under the voltage of 150-240V.

6. Low ambient temperature

The frequency conversion air conditioner has a strong adaptability to the ambient temperature, and some products can even start at the ambient temperature of-15t.

7. One drag two intelligent temperature control

Frequency conversion air conditioners can intelligently identify room size and allocate cold (hot) quantity, so that rooms of different sizes can maintain the same temperature.

8. Keep room temperature constant

The frequency conversion air conditioner adopts the frequency conversion compressor, and the frequency conversion air conditioner can automatically adjust the running frequency of the compressor according to the change of the cold (hot) load of the room. After reaching the set temperature, the frequency conversion air conditioner operates at a lower frequency, which avoids the discomfort caused by drastic changes in room temperature. When the operating frequency is low when the load is small, the power consumption of the compressor is small, and frequent start and stop is avoided, thus saving electricity.

Disadvantages of frequency conversion air conditioner

1. Continuous start-up

Frequency conversion air conditioning requires the continuous operation of the air conditioner in order to achieve the purpose of power saving.

2. Core technology

The technology of frequency conversion air conditioner is not perfect, although businesses trumpet the advantages of frequency conversion, but everyone knows that the more advanced the machine is, the more complex the parts are, and the probability of faults will increase accordingly.

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