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What are the similarities and differences between Huawei account and Apple ID?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-14 7495

I've been using the Apple iPhone. Recently I bought a Huawei P20 pro. When I got my new cell phone, I loaded the card, booted it, and was prompted to register for Huawei account. Because of the long-term use of the iPhone, I am accustomed to registering and completing the account according to the Huawei mobile phone system prompts.

 Huawei account and Apple ID 

Speaking of this in the readership, we know that many users of Android phones do not have the habit of registering their account system. Apple is more domineering. The iPhone users must register its Apple ID and log in to download Apps from the App Store, using music, games and other functions. While Android phones don't need that.

After experiencing the many functions of Huawei account, I found that besides Apple ID's cloud backup function, there are more benefits. So I highly recommend that you complete the account registration.

 Huawei account 

Four awkward moments of using your phone

We must encounter many awkward moments when we use mobile phones. Let me give you a few examples. You will definitely feel the same.

First, data is lost. The mobile phone broke down, and the photos, videos and stored files and address books were all lost. These pictures may include your baby's growing up experience and travel photos of you and your lover. These documents may be very important to you. But I can't find all of them.

Second, APP is lost. Hundreds of apps have been downloaded from old mobile phones. Unfortunately, only a small part of them can be remembered when you replace it with a new phone. Some may have forgotten some of the passwords for APP's login account.

Third, there is insufficient space. Mobile phones are not enough to keep prompting space, how can 32G, 64G memory be filled so quickly? Do you have to buy 128G, 256G mobile phones? So you dare not take photos, dare not download movies, games.

Fourth, the mobile phone is lost. The mobile phone was lost, but you can't remember where it was lost. How good would it be if you could locate the missing location of the mobile phone?

I think the four embarrassing moments mentioned above have been encountered by many mobile phone users. These embarrassments can be solved by registering mobile phone system accounts.

Cloud backup makes mobile phone users no longer embarrassed

Huawei account has the same function as Apple ID, and it has a strong cloud backup function. It can be used after the registration of mobile phone number or mailbox is completed

Huawei cloud backup function 

Under WIFI network, using cloud backup, you can upload the library, contacts, short messages, memos, recordings, mobile phone settings, weather, input method, browser, desktop layout and applications to the cloud server with one click. Like Apple, Huawei has given away 5G of cloud storage space.

After taking photos and videos, you can go home or in the company, connect your mobile phone to WIFI, and upload it to cloud space for permanent preservation. You delete photos and videos from your mobile phone and make it empty again.

With the replacement of a new mobile phone, a large amount of cloud backup content can be restored. If you still switch to Huawei mobile phone, you can complete all data recovery by logging into Huawei account and using the steps of "Cloud Space - Data Migration - Recovery from Cloud Backup". And all of App's login status can be restored without having to download and login one by one.

If you switch to other Android phones, you can clone App to migrate 22 items of data, such as contacts, information (SMS, MMS), call records, calendars, pictures, audio, video, documents, applications, desktop layout, Wi-FI and so on.

The Apple iPhone also supports the introduction of contacts, calendars, camera pictures, and camera videos into the iPhone by logging into Huawei's account on the IOS system.

Log on to Huawei account and open my mobile phone. Like the iPhone, when the mobile phone is lost, you can use the computer to access the official website for remote positioning, remote locking of the mobile phone, and remote emptying of the mobile phone data. This will increase the opportunity for mobile phone to retrieve and prevent privacy disclosure.

In addition to the above anti-embarrassment measures, Huawei Tianjitong also provides an unlimited daily online meal of $4 for overseas travelers without changing their cards. Open HUAWEIPAY, you can swipe the bus card and so on.


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It has functions that Apple ID does not have.

The above cloud backup, mobile phone retrieval and other functions, Apple ID is also basically achievable. In my experience, I also found that Huawei account has some functions that Apple ID does not have.

Since Apple's iTunes Store was discontinued in 2016, it has been unable to watch any movies or buy music or books in the mainland.

After registering and logging in to Huawei account, you can watch up to 35,000 hours of high-quality movies in Huawei videos, including movies, TV dramas, exclusive documentaries, animation and so on. It also suppports Hollywood blockbusters, Chinese classics that have a resolution of over 1080P and supports 2K/4K HD decoding.

In addition to videos, Huawei has 500,000 authentic books for readers and supports the mode of listening to books. Huawei Music has 15 million genuine tracks and the new songs can be updated in time. The music of your favorite singers, such as Jay Chou, Xue Zhiqian, Eason Chan, BigBang, Li Ronghao, JJ Lin, and so on can be found. It allows users to grasp popular trends through authoritative lists.

You can get a better experience of these entertainment and book services by becoming its VIP members. At present, Huawei Happy Purchase is in progress. If you buy a designated Huawei model from May 17 to June 30, 2018, you can use a new equipment to land Huawei Wallet APP to participate in the lottery draw from June 1 to 30. The prizes include not only Huawei Mate RS and P20, but also 30,000 video, music and reading memberships.

Learning from my own experience, you will definitely register your mobile account and complete the login. It really has many advantages.


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