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What is a baby monitor and how to choose the right baby monitor?

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Baby monitors are essential for parents, as it is an ideal device for parents to keep a close eye on their children especially when they are not in the baby’s side. So what is a baby monitor? How to choose the baby monitors?

1.What is a baby monitor?

The baby monitor is a device which has the camera monitoring the activities of the babies while you are busy in other activities. There are audio and video monitors as well as some more specialized one that can even detect the baby's movements. It's a fact that your baby needs constant attention and you can't be in his room all the time, which is exactly what baby monitors are used for.

baby monitor

The early baby monitors are just simple audio devices that enable mothers to listen to their baby's voice in another room. With further development, baby monitors have been added many new features, such as the video cameras and remote monitoring, and even the home security function. So the modern baby monitors are not only used for keeping an eye on babies, but also can act as an IP camera to detect any activities in your home. And some baby monitors have more advanced features, such as the night vision, so you can clearly see your baby when he is sleeping at night in another room.        

the night vision on baby monitor's camera

2.Do I need a baby monitor?

The monitors allow you to keep an eye on your baby while he is sleeping without being watching him closely. For example, some allow you to listen and even see your child while you are in another part of the house, others offer the option to monitor your child from your computer while you are at your place of work, or even from your cell phone. Other more advanced give you the option to control the health of your baby.

Before choosing the model, you should make sure it fits your needs, for example if you are all the time at home with your baby, you will not need to connect your monitor to the cell phone, in this case a classic one will be the best option; but if you must leave your baby with the babysitter you will want to have the option to monitor it via mobile.

3.How to choose the right baby monitor?

Gearbest is a famous and reliable ecommerce website in the world. And it provides a lot of quality baby monitors, so you will find a satisfying baby monitor according to your needs. Here we have some suggestions for you to choose a right baby monitor.

1. Basic functions

To ensure your baby's safety, the baby monitor you choose must include some basic functions, such as camera, microphone, alarm clock, etc.

The baby monitors equipped with a camera are much better than the simple audio monitor, as it can provide you with real time pictures or videos about your baby. Here one thing to note is that different cameras will generate different picture or video quality, especially in low light conditions. So you should check the camera specs (such as image resolution, camera sensors, night vision function, etc.) when purchasing.

The baby monitors equipped with a camera

Despite this, you should make sure that the microphone connected to the camera is sensitive so that you can even listen to the slightest noise. That is even more important than the image quality. 

Besides, you should check if the baby monitor has other convenient functions, such as the alarm clock, as you may need to be reminded of feeding your baby on time.


IPC-GX9 WiFi Baby Monitor



Choose a baby monitor whose battery is rechargeable and has a long standby time, so it can work the whole day, and you can also easily recharge it even if the battery is running low.   

Some expensive monitor models are equipped with motion sensors, so it can detect your baby's any motions and send you the notification automatically.

the baby monitor with motion sensors

2. The sharpness of the screen display

Some baby monitors come with a receiver that is used for receiving live videos or pictures captured by camera. As the receivers' screen resolution and size are different, so the video quality you watch is also different.

the sharpness of the baby monitor's screen display

Most recent baby monitors on the market use the LCD screen (Liquid Crystal Display), which usually has very good color contrast and high resolution. And some monitors' screen brightness is adjustable, so it will not bring any discomfort to your eyes when you see the monitor at night. So pay attention to the monitor's display specs when buying.  


850 Wireless Digital Baby Monitor

850 Wireless Digital Baby Monitor - WHITE


3. Covering range

Covering range is an important spec that you should check when buying a baby monitor. Unless you want to spend your time sitting next to the monitor all the time. Or a baby monitor with a long covering range will be very important, as you can view the activities of your child when leaving him for a long distance. For example, you can still use the monitor when you want to go out to throw a bag of rubbish.   

the covering range of a baby monitor


VB605 Wireless Baby Monitor IP Camera Security System

VB605 Wireless Baby Monitor IP Camera Security System - WHITE


4. Adjustable camera

One of the most annoying things is that you have left home and find that the monitor camera is not in a good position. Until then, you realize the great advantage of choosing a baby monitor paired with the adjustable camera.

Some baby monitors enable you to perform remote control to the monitor camera. You can remotely adjust the camera lens according to your needs. So the baby monitor paired with an adjustable camera will bring great convenience to you.  

5. Interchangeable camera lens

The interchangeable camera lens can make your baby monitor adapted to different cases. For example, if you place the monitor camera near the baby's crib, you can change the camera lens with a wide angle. If you put the monitor camera on a further shelf or other places, you can change to a narrow-angle camera lens. So with interchangeable camera lens, you can view clearer transmission images.

 the interchangeable camera lens on baby monitor

6. Communication function

Most parents may not only want to see their babies via baby monitor, but also want to communicate with the baby. That's why the communication function is greatly enhanced on the most of modern baby monitors.

The communication function on baby monitors is usually achieved via speaker or microphone. So both you and babies can enjoy a real time two-way communication.  

the communication function of the baby monitor 

Gearbest Add-on items

4. 5 best baby monitors for new parents in 2019

1.720P MINI IP WiFi IP Camera, $22.13

Two-way audio

Night vision

Remote monitoring via an app

Motion detection

We start with the device that is not a dedicated baby monitor — but could be well done. Plus, if you consider the affordable price tag of just over $22, you have yourself a deal.

The mini IP camera is very easy to set up and will let your keep an eye on your child at all times — and in high definition. You get two-way audio to communicate with your baby and a wide angle (120 degrees) lens to get more of the room into the picture.

As this is a security camera, you naturally also get motion detection — so you will be alerted if there is any motion detected in the room.

Thanks to H.264 video compression, you can also store more video content and play it back in great quality.


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2.Baby Monitor WiFi IP Camera, $34.75

Two-way audio

Night vision

Motion detection

Remote monitoring via an app

This model comes with a cute white & blue frame and a fun design — so your child may actually look at it as a new toy. You get all the essentials — plus, remote monitoring. Let’s get a closer look.

As you would expect, the baby monitor comes with two-way audio – so you can communicate with your baby from another room. You also get night vision and motion detection — if a moving object is detected in your child’s room, this will trigger an alarm and you will also receive an alert email including screen captures from an FTP server.

A nice extra is remote monitoring available via an app. All you will need to do is get a dedicated app for your phone and you will be able to keep an eye on your child from afar.

3.VB601 Wireless Baby Monitor, $50.57

Two-way audio

Night vision

Temperature Monitoring


8 hours of battery life

One of the main highlights of the VB601 are the built-in lullabies. It’s a nice feature to have when your child has trouble sleeping and just a cool extra to be worked into a baby monitor.

Apart from that, you have your regular set of essentials. There is the two-way audio between the camera and monitor letting you talk to your baby through the device — so, technically, you can also sing your own lullabies on the other side of the monitor.

You also have night vision to see your child clearly when it’s time for bed.

A nice addition is temperature monitoring: you will be able to get accurate data on the temperature in your child’s room, which is an important factor in creating a healthy sleeping atmosphere.

With up to 8 hours of battery life, the monitor is good for the whole night.

4.850 Wireless Digital Baby Monitor, $73.43

3.5 inch LCD display

Two-way audio

Night vision

Motion detection

Temperature monitor


The first things of note about this one is the large 3.5 inch LCD screen — a conveniently large display to see your child clearly.

There is also a bunch of cool extras: you get both the temperature monitor and built-in lullabies in addition to the basics like two-way audio and night vision.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the temperature monitor is a nice addition as it lets you make sure the air in your baby’s room is just right for a good night’s sleep. Plus, you have the built-in lullabies to make things even easier.

The built-in 600mAh battery is not as powerful as one might have hoped for though — you only get around two hours of working time. But, a good thing here is that you can charge the monitor while it’s working.

5.Baby M2S Plus 1080P Video Baby Monitor, $93.74

1080P resolution

Two-way audio

Night vision

Motion detection

Temperature / humidity monitor

Remote monitoring

Lullabies and stories

The Baby M2S is the baby monitor that sort of brings all the great features we’ve mentioned above into one device.

The first highlight is the high resolution video — you will be able to see your child in 1080P  — and you can also zoom in.

Then, you get the two-way audio and night vision together with temperature and humidity sensors that help you create just the right sleeping setting. The set is complete with motion detection — you will get a sound alert on your connected mobile device if there is motion detected in your child’s room.

Remote monitoring is done through an app: "iBaby Care" for iOS devices and "iFamcam" for Android devices. Once you have the app installed, you can add more users: invite family and friends to watch over your child. The app is also very helpful in the installation process: you will be able to set up the monitor in less than a minute by just following the prompts in the application.


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