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What is electronic cigarette?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-04 2994

This article aim to let more friends know what electronic cigarette is. Similarly, we also hope that more local e-cigarette players can discuss about it. What is the difference between electronic cigarette and cigarette? What is operating principle, atomizer, and more?

electronic cigarettes 

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a handheld electronic device that simulates the experience of smoking a cigarette. It works by heating a liquid which generates an aerosol, or "vapor", that is inhaled by the user. Using e-cigarettes is commonly referred to as vaping.The liquid in the e-cigarette, called e-liquid, or e-juice, is usually made of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavorings. Not all e-liquids contain nicotine.


In fact, before we discuss what is vapor, we need to redefine e-cigarettes. Academically, what we're talking about is what we call VAPE -- in the west, a device that handhelding to heat glycerol, propylene glycol-based oil to get smog. So, despite its popularity, devices such as IQOS are not part of our discussion.

One's accomplishments are easily known outside his own unit.

To the surprise of many people, electronic cigarettes in the modern sense were invented by the Chinese.

In 2004, a doctor named Han Li patented a technology that simply dissolved nicotine in propylene glycol and vaporized it to be absorbed by heating, and then Chinese companies began commercializing it.

E-Cigarettes at that time, also known as "smoke." In fact, smoking is still alive, but from a personal point of view, no friends are advised to buy products such as cigarettes. Because, in a sense, this thing has missed.

Although e-cigarettes were originally intended to make easier to replenish nicotine. The device was soon considered a smoking-cessation product. But it didn't last long, and most people quickly discovered that the thing was a real prick-it took perseverance to give up cigarettes, and none of these smoky devices worked well.

But with advances in technology, it is clear that e-cigarettes are the right way to smoke. This kind of toy smoke quickly gained the favor of foreign players, and people began to realize the toy smoke again with the use of smoke puffing and many other playing methods.

Today, the vast majority of e-cigarette manufacturers are based in Shenzhen, China, and many of them serve foreign players. However, the consumption of electronic cigarettes ,the smoke oil, is basically controlled by the United States.

What are you smoking?

Almost everyone will answer you, smoking e-cigarettes is smoking oil.

But what is the composition of smoke oil? In fact, it's also very simple. Most of it is glycerin (VG); a small part is propylene glycol (PG), and a little flavor. For some products, as well as polyethylene glycol (PEG), for some smoke oil, they add nicotine when they are modulated. There is also some smoke oil, which has a nicotine content of 0-which means it contains no nicotine at all.

So far, there are good reasons to believe that e-cigarettes are close to zero-assuming you don't have nicotine in your oil. However, it has also been pointed out that although glycerol and propylene glycol have no problem in contact or consumption. The essence does not guarantee this, and in the end, the high temperature may cause cracking, which may have some unforeseen problems.

It is also important to point out that if your e-cigarettes are mishandled and dry-burned, the smoke is actually quite unhealthy.

electronic cigarettes 

For nicotine, most of the smoke is clearly marked on the bottle.

So here, looking at the puffing guys, they smoke just glycerin, propylene glycol and some flavor. If you like, your e-smoke can contain no nicotine at all, and naturally there will be no secondhand smoke damage in any sense.

Operating principle

So how do e-cigarettes work?

how do e-cigarettes work 

If we wrap a piece of wire in a circle, the impedance of the coil will be formed. The electronic smoke working mode is to fire the coil when electrified, the coil will heat. At this time the cotton wrapped around the coil filled with smoke oil, the smoke was heated, atomized, inhaled, and the process of smoking was completed.

In any case, you can always see one (or more) coil is placed in the atomizer; the coil is generally through cotton, full of smoke and the cotton oil.

Although the nebulizer's structure is varied, the basic principle remains the same-the coil heats the cotton filled with smoke and oil.

Cotton is the carrier of smoke oil, which is very important.


Obviously, we don't want to find a power outlet when we smoke electronic cigarettes. Battery is a necessary choice.

The seemingly simple principle of electronic smoke makes it difficult for people to heat too slowly when the resistance of the coil is too large, and the small resistance of the coil can easily cause the battery to overheat. It is foolish to connect the coil with battery directly. The main reasons are:

1. The voltage of the battery is not the same when the power is different. You can't make a splash when the battery is full.

2. The direct connection of the battery to the coil may cause the battery to heat up because of the battery's internal resistance, causing danger.

3. Sometimes we don't need a full battery output.

So very quickly, the current generic device is a device called a box, and sometimes we call it a mainframe. But in fact, it's a functional battery-a battery that contains a protective circuit. Later, it was added to include temperature control, voltage regulation and other functions.

Mainstream battery boxes use the generic 18650 battery. But there are also products that use their own built-in lithium batteries, which are generally designed to better control volume.

By 2017, such battery boxes will have stable power output, steady voltage output, and even temperature control output. And the protection function is even more complete. Some advanced functions even include heating curves, power curves, and so on.

For battery boxes, the most critical parameter is the power value. It determines what nebulizer it can push and what power the atomizer can output.

If you're going to be a smoke puffing boy, a battery box with an output power of no less than 100W is necessary at this stage.

It is worth mentioning that the battery box is the only one-step device in the e-cigarette system.

Buy as good a product as possible on the premise of setting a goal-Power and stability.

At the same time, in electronic cigarette products, there is also a "mechanical pole" class of battery products. Its working principle can be considered that the coil is directly connected to the 18650 battery.

From a safe and controllable point of view, do not use a mechanical rod.

But in terms of playing and other things, old hands can also try-but even so, from a practical point of view, I still do not recommend anyone to use a mechanical rod.

Atomization device

This is the core apparatus of e-smoke, the whole process of smoke formation is here.

Why rebuild the atomizer?

Nebulizers tend to occupy only a small fraction of the top of the entire electronic smoke, but their role is complex-storing smoke oil, heating wires, and providing atomized smog ports (generally speaking, the air intake is adjustable). Provide a feasible mechanism for adding smoke and oil.

In some specially designed nebulizers, they may even include mechanisms for preventing oil frying, collecting condensate and other functions.

In general, the existing nebulizer is divided into two categories: repairable atomizer and non-reconfigurable nebulizer.

Why rebuild the atomizer? Since the atomizer is actually heating glycerin to produce steam, carbon deposits are inevitable over time, and cotton, which is used to carry soot oil, will age over time. Lower atomization efficiency will make the atomizer itself full of miscellaneous taste.

So you came up with two ways:

1. Wrap cotton and heating wire that absorb smoke oil and replace it with an "atomizing core". When the cotton and heating wires in the atomizer need to be replaced, the user simply replaces the "atomizing core" in the atomizer and rejects the oil. You can get a new nebulizer.

2. Provide a body that repeatedly disassembles heating silk and cotton, and completes the "reconstruction" process when the heating silk and cotton need to be replaced.

I usually replace the heating wire once a week and the oil absorbent cotton once a day or two days. From the taste point of view, the first way to replace the atomized core is unacceptably expensive for old Chen-the price of the atomized core on the market is mostly around $2.87.

the atomizer 

Oil dripping and oil storage:

The nebulizer needs to be rebuilt, so reconstructing the atomizer has become the focus of competition among the major equipment manufacturers.

Two basic structures have been developed for reconstructing nebulizers:

1. Oil storage type: In general, the electrode table (that is, the heating part of the heating wire and the connected positive and negative electrodes) is enclosed in the nebulizer. The two ends of the oil conducting cotton through the coil are extended into the oil storage bin, and a number of milliliters of smoke oil can be added at one time to meet the needs of long term use.

2. Oil dripping type: Without oil storage structure, the whole atomizer contains only the electrode table, the extra cotton will be trailed into the entire nebulizer groove, only using the cotton gap to absorb about 2ml smoke oil.

The former is called RTA, and the latter is called RDA.

The advantage of RTA is of course convenience (especially in carrying aspects), but there are also disadvantages:

1. For design reasons, RTA smoke may leak along with the port, which is evident if the bottom inlet is in place (because the bunker is higher than the inlet).

2. It may occur that the speed of oil conduction does not keep up with the vaporization speed of the atomizer, which causes the cotton to be burnt.

3. Changing smoke and oil is relatively troublesome.

4. Because of the structure of the oil storage tank, the volume of the electrode table (that is, the core part) has to be controlled in a small range, which may make it more difficult to make the core, and the volume of the whole atomizer will also become larger.

The advantage of RDA is naturally small, direct; the disadvantage is that only one-always refueling is very troublesome.

Someone has a RDTA to thicken the base of the standard RTA, and pull out a hole to extend the end of the oil-conducting cotton.

It is silly. The speed of oil transmission cannot keep up with the suction speed.

For visual illustration, take the wotofo series I'm using as an example.

the wotofo series 

The SMM (Serpent SMM RTA) is a standard oil-storage repairable nebulizer. We can see the large glass bunker-the metal inside is the electrode table, and the part between the inner chamber and the glass shell is the oil storage space, using the lower air intake design.

Although the SMM is the simplest single structure (with only one coil), it still looks a circle larger than the two little brothers of the double-ended coil.

The internal structure of the serpent SMM, is a single, simple, brainless setting, providing two holes into the oil tank and two holes on the electrode column.

The internal structure of the serpent SMM,

What about the smallest Wotofo Serpent BF on the picture above?

Does it look really small and cute?

Of course, the benefits of being small are not just slim-simpler structures -- it makes it easier for users to rebuild nebulizer heating wires. This four-wire column with a symmetrical coil on one side is a national-class design, and the core is easily cored. Serpentbf also supports the use of only one side as a single coil atomizer.

Now the mainstream choice in the market is between RTA and RDA, In fact, choosing the most suitable one is the purpose of choosing and buying products. In the next article I'll talk about the characteristics of some of the nebulizers I've used and their advantages and disadvantages.

Why do you play with e-cigarettes?

Most friends who are exposed to e-cigarettes initially try to replace filter cigarettes.

But in fact, on the contrary, e-cigarettes can hardly help you quit smoking; it is difficult to "replace cigarettes." And I'm going to start using it because I want to find a way to get rid of the pressure at any time-after all; it's a relaxing thing to spit out smoke.

However, I would like to reiterate to most of my friends:

F-Cigarettes can't help quit smoking. E-cigarettes are a toy whose main object is smoke.

See here you probably can't wait to start playing e-cigarettes. About what equipment to buy, we decompose it next.


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