What is epilator and how can I use it ?

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If you are looking for the best way to eliminate and remove your hair, Gearbest tells you all about the electric epilator to make it a good choice for you.
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1. What is epilator?

The electric epilator is a device used to remove hair from the body. The electric epilator removes hair from the skin by means of a roller equipped with small tweezers and rotating discs. The first electric epilator launched on the market in 1986. The technology has advanced a lot and today you can choose between different brands of epilators from the simplest to the wireless ones.


The best epilator for you may not be the best option for another woman. But you can choose between several alternatives from the simplest epilators to those that have more accessories among which are: led light to locate each hair; make it wireless; that you can use it under water; that you can cool it; that has a pivoting head; exfoliating head and more.


The electric epilator is the best hair remove tool nowdays:

Kemei Rechargeable Epilator Hair Remover

Kemei Rechargeable Epilator Hair Remover


2. In what parts of the body can I use it?

The basic epilators are perfect for large and smooth areas such as legs, but you can also use them in the armpits and crotch.There are some that come with adaptable heads for curved areas that make it easier to pluck under the arm or in the bikini line. There are others that also bring an accessory to pluck the face.

In short, you can use it anywhere on the body provided you have your adaptations to do so.

3. Does it hurt to use the electric epilator?

Finding a hair removal system that plucks hair from the roots but does not hurt is almost like a fantasy. But the latest models in epilators promise pain reduction thanks to their new technologies. Actually, some epilator can be used comfortably under a warm shower while others use the cold to reduce pain. 

4. What are the pros and cons of having an electric epilator?


In the first place, epilator are economic and durable devices that remove hair because you can have it for years and years. On the other hand, it offers you a root epilation making the hair more late in growth. In addition, it is very easy and quick to use, which makes in very few steps and time achieve perfect results. And best of all, it's a clean system and you can use it yourself.



In general, as long as the root hair is extracted there is a possibility that ingrown hairs may arise. But to make it happen, you just need to exfoliate your skin. On the other hand, after waxing you'll see that the area has been flushed so you will have to use some cream that will relieve and hydrate you.


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