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What is gesture recognition?

BySteve Lowry 2018-08-14 1757

With the rapid development of computer technology, the interactive application between mechanical equipment and humans has grown exponentially. From the technology originally limited to speech recognition and control, it has now evolved to gesture recognition. More and more electronic products have increased gesture modes, such as mobile phones and drones.

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What is gesture recognition?

Gesture recognition is also known as contactless technology. Gestures describe body movements as silent language communication, conveying people's thoughts, emotions, and certain teaching information. Gesture recognition can come from the movement of various parts of the body, but usually refers to the movement of the face and hands. In the field of interaction design, one or both hands can be used to operate the device.


gesture recognition


It is considered to be a computer interpretation of motion, a new way of perceptual computing, using various programming algorithms through motion sensors and accelerometers, allowing people to execute commands on control devices through gesture recognition.


The application of gesture recognition


Human-computer interaction

Gestures replace your traditional tapping keyboard or click the mouse as input to control your own computer. It can make the interaction between people and machines more intelligent and natural, and can directly apply the experience people get in their daily lives.




With interactive activities, you can greatly improve the operability in the virtual world, and can complete more complex tasks in the virtual world. In recent years, video games have gradually entered our lives and become an indispensable part of people's daily life. Especially the development of virtual reality technology, how to add gesture control to virtual reality is also a very important research direction.


Gestures operate safely

Applying gesture recognition to advanced driver assistance systems can improve driving safety to some extent. The driver can use gestures to control various functions in the car, or to change various parameters in the car through ADAS. Pay more attention to reducing traffic accidents.




Sign language cognition


Sign language is the main way for deaf people to express themselves, but for those who have not received sign language training, it is not easy to understand this language. Applying gesture recognition technology to sign language cognition will greatly enhance the communication between deaf and ordinary people.





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