What is the appropriate temperature of the refrigerator?

ByJonah Eagan 2020-01-04 1030

The refrigerator is an important electrical product for keeping fresh in our home. There is a gear in the cold room of the mechanical temperature-controlled refrigerator, which is actually the temperature controller. The temperature control knob of the refrigerator is marked with the 0mur7 number, and some are marked with the 0mur5 number. These numbers do not represent the specific temperature value in the refrigerator, but represent the control range and grade of the temperature in the refrigerator. So what is the use of the number of the thermostat logo? What is the appropriate temperature for the refrigerator? This article will give you a brief introduction!

The role of number marked by the thermostat

This is the gear control method of mechanical temperature-controlled refrigerators, and now there are also computer temperature-controlled refrigerators. This kind of refrigerator is mainly a refrigerator whose temperature is controlled by a computer program. The computer temperature control refrigerator is characterized by accurate temperature control without manual temperature compensation switch. That is, there is no need for manual control of the temperature. The smaller the number of the thermostat, the higher the control temperature. Thermostat knob adjustment method: refrigerator temperature control knob generally has 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 when, the larger the number, the lower the temperature in the freezer. In general, we put it in gear 3 in spring and autumn, depending on your requirements, whether the freezer can reach below minus 18 degrees.

Which gear is better in different seasons?  

The outdoor temperature is relatively high in summer, and the temperature control can be adjusted in 3Mel 4 position, generally about 4 ℃-6 ℃, which not only ensures the shutdown rate of the refrigerator, but also ensures the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator. On the contrary, it will cause the refrigerator to start for a long time or not to stop;

The ambient temperature in winter is low, and the temperature control can be adjusted in 5mur7 gear, the temperature is generally about 2 ℃-4 ℃; in winter, because the ambient temperature is too low and dissipates heat quickly, the refrigerator which does not have the function of automatic winter temperature switch when the ambient temperature is lower than 16 ℃, need to use a strong file or turn on the low temperature compensation switch to ensure the turning on rate and freezing effect of the refrigerator. On the contrary, it will cause the refrigerator not to turn on or defrost.

In the spring and autumn season, the temperature control can be adjusted to 2mi 3; when the room temperature is lower than 10 ℃, the thermostat should be set to the "6" position. Some refrigerators have zero gear, which means that the refrigerator can be turned off. You can also follow the instructions on the refrigerator.

How to use it will save more money?  

In order to achieve the goal of keeping food fresh and saving electricity, we can play first or second gear in summer and fourth or fifth gear in winter. Some people may want to ask whether it is reversed when the temperature is set low in winter (the thermostat is high) and high in summer (the thermostat is low). In fact, many people have such a misconception that the temperature of the refrigerator can be set higher when the temperature is low in winter and lower when the temperature is high in summer.

Why is the refrigerator thermostat set up like this? The temperature in the refrigerator freezer is usually 4-8 degrees, and in winter, the indoor temperature is close to this temperature. If the thermostat knob is still at or less than 3, the refrigerator compressor rarely starts. Although the temperature in the freezer can meet the requirements, the temperature in the freezer can not reach minus 18 degrees Celsius, and the food is easy to deteriorate and thaw when it is serious. In summer, the temperature is relatively high, if the thermostat knob is still 3 or greater than 3, the refrigerator freezer starts frequently in order to meet the temperature requirements. Although the temperature of the freezer can reach minus 18 degrees, it causes a waste of electric energy and shortens the service life of the refrigerator, which we do not want. Therefore, the correct adjustment of the refrigerator temperature controller knob can not only keep us fresh, but also save electricity.

The above is about the refrigerator temperature to how many appropriate relevant content, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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