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What is the difference between eMMC and SSD?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-13 21710

SSD is the catalyst for PC performance, and eMMC is also great for apple iPad, android tablet and mobile phone. Unlike SATA3.0 SSD or NGFF/mSATA SSD, the eMMC actually encapsulates the master, flash wafer Die unit in a single particle chip, which looks just like a normal flash chip. This integrated package is called eMMC.

Strictly speaking, eMMC and SSD are not exactly one level. EMMC is called "Embedded Multi Media Card" and SSD is "Solid State Disk". SSD is an array storage composed of multiple flash memory chips, master control and cache, just like a large battleship with dozens of artillery pieces. EMMC is a single flash memory chip, a single master control composed of particle chip, it is equivalent to a small gunboat with only one gun.


The structure of eMMC is very simple. Generally speaking, TF card and SD card belong to eMMC. From this, we can also see the advantages of eMMC: small size, low complexity, high integration and low routing difficulty. And its shortcomings are quite obvious. SSD is multi-channel read and write. Its main control quickly distributes data to multiple flash chips for transmission, while eMMC can only distribute one flash chip.

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Comparison between eMMC and SSD: small battleship is the most itchy part to fight between battleship and small gunboat.

Comparison between eMMC and SSD 

Editor's note: eMMC is based on FLASH memory (NAND FLASH) and acts like a hard disk. It is widely used in tablets and phones' body memory, and the eMMC doesn't read or write as fast as the SSDS stored in flash memory arrays.


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