What is UI (user interface)?

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UI is everywhere, what is UI? What is the factors of UI research? What is the Essential quality of UI? Let's check it out.
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What is UI

UI: User Interface, the users’ operation interface, is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur.



user interface


UI design mainly refers to the the style and aesthetics of the interface. Generally, the goal of user interface design is to produce a user interface which makes it easy, efficient, and user-friendly to operate a software in the way which produces the desired result. If OS is compared to the house, then UI only plays the role of beautification and decoration, it can not change the fundamental of the house (OS).

Three factors of UI research

UI design is divided into three directions in terms of work content. It is mainly determined by three factors of UI research. They are research tools, research on the relationship between people and interfaces, and research on people.


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Essential quality of UI

Clearness: Clearness is a quality that the user interface design must have. If your interface design is very vague, users cannot experience a better experience in it. This will affect the user's overall impression.


Concise: In addition to being clear, the UI design is not enough, but it needs to be concise and it looks at a glance. If the interface is filled with too many things, it will make users find the content more difficult and boring, and a simple picture can be a good solution to this problem.


Familiar: The familiarity here is that when designing the UI, certain design specifications must be followed. For example, if the underlined characters are hyperlinks, the cross sign is to be exited or deleted, so that the user not only has a familiar feeling when using the UI. , And easy to manipulate.


Response: A good user interface design must be responsive and not allow the user to experience a slower response. And the interface should have the function of reminding the user to understand some feedback information.


Consistent: When designing the UI, maintaining the consistency of the interface style is also an important part of the entire application design. A consistent style does not make the user feel wrong.


Beautiful: Good things always make people feel joyful, and they must also pay attention to the enhancement of aesthetics when designing a page.



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