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What size crystal light fixture for living room and how to choose?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-04 2229

In the living room, many people prefer to use crystal lamps. After all, such lighting is really beautiful. But when you buy, you also need to know the size of the living room crystal lamp, so that you can do the correct installation. At the same time, people need to know how to choose and purchase the living room crystal lamp, so as to ensure the quality of the purchase.

 living room crystal lamp

What size crystal light fixture for living room

1. Regarding the size of the living room crystal lamp, it is important to consider the size and house type of the living room. Generally speaking, the small living room under 12 square meters should adopt the crystal lamp whose diameter is less than 20CM, and the number and size of the lamps should be appropriate to avoid overcrowding; the diameter of the living room lighting lamps with an area of 15 square meters or so can fully meet our lighting needs, and the diameter should not exceed 40CM. If it is more than 1000px, it will appear that the crystal lamp is not in harmony with the living room.

2. There is no standard size of the crystal lamp in the living room. If the size of the crystal lamp in the living room exceeds 3.5 meters, you can choose a higher grade, a slightly larger size or a crystal lamp-crystal lamp, all of which are customized from crystal materials. Noble and gorgeous are its symbols. Secondly, if the space is 10-15 square meters of living room, it is recommended to buy 60 cm diameter size, because the space is too small.


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How to choose the crystal lamp in the living room?

1. Shape and grade. In terms of the shape and grade of lamps and lanterns, one should take into account the harmony between the living room atmospheres and strive for elegance and luxury. The living room is the facade of the family. Too flat lighting may not reflect your decorative style and be slightly shabby. Too luxurious lighting can put pressure on visitors. Lighting in the main part of the living room can neither be too dark nor dazzling. When there are few people in the living room, the main lighting can be turned off and a wall lamp can be turned on.


Nowadays, some consumers are longing for pastoral life, pursuing the artistic conception of returning to reality, abandoning the magnificent wall lamp, and lighting candles in the living room to create candlelight effect. This design is elegant, but after all, living in a modern city is troublesome and laborious.

the shape and grade of crystal lamp 

2. General lighting. Overall lighting can be done with a headlamp. Generally, a single-headed or multi-headed chandelier in the room can be used as the main lamp to create a stable, generous and warm environment, so that guests can feel at home.

3. Local lighting. The floor lamp and wall lamp can be used to achieve the effect of use and embellishment. Watching TV and reading leisure, installing high pole landing lamp is more appropriate. Turn off the headlights while watching TV and reading. Turning on the floor lamp is not dazzling, but also makes the environment quiet and elegant.


If there are banners and pictures hanging on the wall behind the sofa, two wall lamps of suitable size can be installed on both sides of the pictures and a floor lamp can be placed on the side of the sofa. This kind of lamp device is not only stable and generous, but also can choose light source according to different needs.

local lighting 

The above has given you the size of the living room crystal lamp. When purchasing, the size must be chosen according to the area of the living room, so as to ensure that the size is appropriate and the installation will be more beautiful. The above will help you choose the crystal lamps better.



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