What to do if the Mac keyboard is flooded?

ByKorella Mattiacci 2020-01-04 566

What if the Apple keyboard is flooded? It is estimated that if the editor's own Mac keyboard water will also be a little heartache, because the Mac keyboard is very expensive, so how to deal with the keyboard water, this is a very important skill, but also a complex skill, so this post will teach everyone Mac keyboard water maintenance methods.

After taking it apart, it is found that the keyboard structure inside is simpler than that of ordinary pc. In addition to the buttons and the corresponding soft plastic buttons below, there is an iron plate (which should know why the keyboard is so heavy), and there are countless screws on the iron board. After unscrewing one by one, you can see the circuit board. In fact, this circuit board is very simple, the upper and lower layers, the walk is not the same. I can see that the place where the water comes into the next layer of the circuit board has blackened. In fact, the easiest way is to scrape off a layer of green film on both sides of the blackened part to reveal the copper circuit. Then find a section of wire, want that kind of a lot of thin wire, pull out the copper core inside, use that kind of very thin copper wire, connect those two parts of the electrical line, and then stick both sides with transparent tape, and be careful not to stick to the middle part. This is basically OK, and then install it, you can use it.

Where the keyboard is on the USB line, there is a circuit board, which is the most important part. If this part of your keyboard is damaged, don't fix it. However, please note that this part is generally not broken, it is like a computer motherboard.

After you disassemble the keyboard, you see three layers of thin film, you can find that there is a circuit between the upper layer and the lower layer, and the middle layer is a simple film, just digging some holes, this layer is just for better insulation between the upper layer and the lower layer. When you press the button, you actually put the metal dot corresponding to the top key through the round hole in the middle layer and contact the corresponding metal dot in the bottom layer to form a circuit, and then the current is transmitted to the circuit board mentioned in the previous paragraph. The circuit board sends the corresponding signal to the computer. (the keyboard principle of ordinary pc is different, that is on a circuit board, each key corresponds to a point, this point is divided into inner and outer circles. When the key is pressed, the inner ring and the outer ring metal are connected through the conductive contact below the key to form a return signal.)

Let's take a closer look at the upper and lower layers of thin films. In fact, the lines are covered with a layer of green (maybe green, my impression) film, and only one dot is empty in the corresponding place of each key. this dot is the exposed metal contact point, and the "flower" key is just to expand the contact area. The upper layer of green film is used to fix the circuit, but it is also made of metal.

In other words, there is an electric current passing through a complex line in the upper and lower layers of the film. This line looks wide, but it is actually very thin (think about how thick the film is). If water or other liquid material flows in, it will burn out the circuit because it conducts electricity, that is, the thin layer of the circuit will be burned out. My keyboard was damaged because there was water in it, which caused the metal wire on the bottom layer of the film to burn out. There was no metal in that place, so it couldn't get through.

You first confirm which keys do not work, and then take a look, the upper and lower layers of the film which layer of the film is damaged, usually a point is broken, will affect the back end of that layer of the line several keys, generally will not appear a few points are burnt out. Then scrape off the green covering film on both sides of the burnt place, be careful not to be too heavy, otherwise you can't use it if you scrape through it.

In fact, all you have to do is connect the metal wires on both sides of the burnt place with that kind of very fine wire and glue it with transparent glue.


Since some damage occurs on a key, you have to make sure that the wire passes through the dot corresponding to that key. Otherwise, when you press it, the contact point between the top layer of the film and the lower layer of the film can not be reached, and this key still cannot be used. 

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