What will happen when the laptop battery keep charging?

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-08-09 722

Can I leave my laptop charging continuously? It is bad fro the health of the laptop or battery? There are many myths around this, and it is that it is a complicated issue.


Laptop battery can never be overcharged.

One of the most common myths is that you overcharge the laptop battery is charging directly, and that it can reach really high temperatures. In car batteries, this problem is real, but not in mobile phones or laptops.

The difference between these two is the types of battery. In the vehicles, it known as lead-acid battery while in the laptop or smartphone, it is lithium-ion battery, also known as Li-ion. Each of them is composed of different chemicals, and therefore respond differently.

But it is no longer only because of these chemical differences, but what prevents them from overloading is a security system that stops charging the device when it detects that it has reached 100%. When the battery level drops, it is recharged again, stopping when it reaches 100% again, and so on consecutively.

Batteries will degrade irreparably

With time, unless we don't use it. The batteries will degrade. It doesn't matter how we use them, although if we don't follow certain tips, they will degrade even faster:

● Don't download them all on a regular basis.

● If you are going to store it, it should be in a place as cool as possible (not humid), without going to extremes, of course.

● Like heat, it doesn't feel good, if we have the opportunity to remove it in cases where the computer is overheated, better, otherwise it will not only degrade faster, but it will also be consumed faster, so we will consume more cycles. If we do, we must leave around 50% of the load, more or less (some studies say more, others less, but all around 50%). Although we must qualify: in normal use, and with normal operation of the cooling system, should not be removed, otherwise there would be computers whose battery could not be removed.

As for the cycles, it does not matter if they are long or short, as long as they follow the above indications. Cycles increase or decrease depending on whether the load is longer or shorter, but ultimately it is exactly the same. In fact, it's kind of complicated to explain, although we've already done it:

Calibrated the battery

Discharging the battery completely or almost completely causes it to recalibrate. If the battery is not charged properly, the operating system could be confused: for example, the battery could be at 45%, while Windows or MacOS thinks it is at 70%. For this reason, from time to time it is advisable to carry out a total load, although it is not recommended, so that it can be calibrated.

Unloaded it or not?

If you still have no doubts, it is best to leave it connected unless we find ourselves in a situation where it gets too hot, where it is best to remove it (provided it is around 50%). Of rest, it is always better to leave it connected, because whatever we do, it is going to degrade as well.

It doesn't matter if we leave it connected in a continuous way, where extremely tiny charges will be made, as if we don't leave it connected, making longer cycles. It will degrade in the same way.

Not even the same manufacturers of phones and laptops agree. In the past, for example, Apple advised letting devices download once a month, to calibrate, and now it no longer recommends it; before, the same brand also discouraged not having the entire MacBook connected all the time, and now it no longer discourages it.

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