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What's the difference between a tablet, laptop and ultrabook

BySophia Windsor 2018-06-29 6543

With the increasing demands for portability and performance, the traditional computer has been no longer met people’s needs. So some new forms of computer emerged on the market, such as tablets, laptops, ultrabooks, etc. But what’s the difference between them? Let’s find out.


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A tablet computer, commonly shortened to the tablet, it's a thin, small, and portable personal computer with a touchscreen display (with 7-inch (18cm) or larger screen). The touch screen is also known as digital tablet technology, allows the user to operate via a stylus or a digital pen instead of the traditional keyboards or mouse. By using the built-in handwriting recognition, the soft keyboard on the screen, voice recognition or a real keyboard (if it carries), all functions can be used.


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Simply put, the tablet is a fully functional computer without flap, keyboard, portable to put into a lady's handbag.

The tablet is also known as the "electronic palm treasures", developed by the cloud technology in-depth. As it shows up, it threatens to the position of the notebook. Although many people think that the tablet is a part of the notebook, but it is brand new created by the Apple company. It is designed to be a larger phone, not require almighty, but with common functions, this subtraction design is more suitable for the customers chasing simple. They are compact, very lightweight and extremely easy to carry.

the compact design of tablet

Additionally, tablets can be used in a variety of specialized careers like design and music. Designers use it to modify the drawings on tablets into the design apps. As more and more applications developed, tablets can be more functional and more and more popular.

the tablet can be used for designers


A laptop is also be called notebook, featuring smaller size and easier to carry than the personal computer(PC). Although a notebook is compact and portable, do not doubt the practicality, it performs all the tasks available on a desktop. For many users, laptops have become their preferred computing device because it allows them to complete all the tasks they would need on a desktop but with the convenience of mobility and flexibility. Currently, there are so many tablet brands, ranking highest are Lenovo, Asus, Dell, ThinkPad, HP, Apple, Acer, Sony, Samsung, etc.


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Both laptops and tablets offer extremely convenient and powerful features, but the most efficacious will be based upon the tasks you seek to complete by the device.


The ultrabook is designed as a specification and trademarked brand by Intel for the classy sub-notebooks with smaller size but without compromising battery life. It utilizes low power consumption Intel Core processors, solid-state drives and unibody chassis to meet the standard.


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Due to the limited size, it typically omits the common laptop features like optical disc drives and Ethernet ports. They cover a wide range of uses, have screen sizes that range from 13 to 15 or even 17 inches, and cover broad price ranges.


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