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If the mobile phone memory is full again, this could be due to the countless files that WhatsApp automatically saves. However, there are simple functions for deleting WhatsApp data.

You want to delete all WhatsApp data at once? With WhatsApp's memory cleanup feature, a full memory can be quickly and easily combated. This feature allows WhatsApp to delete data from iOS and Android devices. The following steps must be followed:

1. The settings must first be called up.

2. The data and memory usage is then selected.

3. There you have to scroll to the option "Memory usage", where all chats are displayed.

4. From the chats, select the one from which you want to delete all files at once.

5. It then displays the number of text messages, photos, videos, and audio files sent in this chat.

6. Under "Manage" you will now find the function to delete all WhatsApp data. Simply check the corresponding file type and release the memory via "Clear".

Only delete your WhatsApp data in the Android app

In order to create storage space quickly, it is possible to delete the WhatsApp data from Android devices only in the app. This quickly creates space for new data, while the media files remain on the mobile phone.

1. The settings must first be called up.

3. The apps are then controlled.

4. Find WhatsApp and select Delete Data.

5. WhatsApp settings and chat history are now deleted, but the sent media is still present on the smartphone.

Deleting Individual WhatsApp Data

If you don't want to delete all WhatsApp files at once, but want to keep selected media files, you can also dispose of files individually.

1. Call WhatsApp and select the chat that contains the file you want to delete.

2. Select the file and keep it pressed.

3. A trash can symbol appears at the top right, which must be clicked.

4. Then you have the option to remove the file from the smartphone as well.

How can I delete my WhatsApp data from my iPhone?

With the iPhone, the deletion process is almost identical. Simply click on the file in the chat history, hold it down and then delete it. You can also delete voice messages in this way.

To delete several WhatsApp data in a chat at the same time, the media of the chat must be called. All photos and videos sent in the chat are then displayed. Click and hold to select multiple files and then remove them. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it must be repeated for each individual chat. In addition, profile pictures and audio files cannot be deleted in this way.

To quickly and easily delete all WhatsApp data, it is recommended that you use the Empty All WhatsApp Memory feature.


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